The Suns have lost 3 out of their last 4 games and they have to play San Antonio on Monday and Dallas on Wednesday. If you read the message boards or most newspaper articles, you may think Phoenix is on its way to the draft lottery.

Despite all of the doomsday talk around town, the Phoenix Suns still have the third-best record in the league despite being tied for the most road games played so far this season. The two teams ahead of them in the standings (San Antonio and Boston) have played 4 less road games.

Of course, no one would argue the team has looked especially good over the past week. During the past four games the Suns have lost to Minnesota (3-19), Miami (6-17) and New Orleans (15-9). Over the next three games, they play San Antonio (18-5), Dallas (16-9) and Toronto (14-11). Phoenix still hasn’t won a game when they score under 100 points. San Antonio allows 93 ppg, Dallas allows 98 ppg and Toronto allows 95 ppg. Of course, Phoenix usually scores more than their opponent’s average. Needless to say, the next three games should be interesting.

Other trends in the Phoenix Suns’ world:

  • They are 11-3 when they get more blocks than their opponents
  • The Suns have out-blocked their opponents 149-87 this season
  • The Suns are 16-2 when they get over 42% of the total rebounds in the game. They are 0-5 when they get 42% or less of the total rebounds.

What do you think about the Suns so far this season? What trends have you noticed that we haven’t discussed yet? Feel free to leave the comments below or to e-mail

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