The Suns have now won three in a row and six out of eight. They are in first place in their division, tied for second best record in their conference and tied for the third best record in the league. Not too shabby for a team that was 3-5 at this point last year.

Amaré Stoudemire had season highs in both points and rebounds against the Knicks. 

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Phoenix didn’t get 40 rebounds last night but still won the game. It is only the second time this season that they didn’t reach 40 rebounds and the team is now 1-1 when that happens. However, on a good note, they did get more rebounds than the Knicks did – the first time this year that they’ve won the rebounding match. So I guess you can say the Suns are 1-0 when they get more rebounds than their opponent.

They also have won every game this season where they’ve scored 100 or more points. When allowing their opponent to get 102 points or less, Phoenix is also 6-0.

The team shot 56.2% on Tuesday – the highest shooting percentage of the season. They have only allowed 1 of their opponents to shoot more than 50% in a game – the LA Lakers.

Shawn Marion, Amare Stoudemire and Grant Hill all had season high’s in points while Steve Nash had a season low in points (5) and a season high of assists (12).

Nine players have played in at least half of the Suns games this season. Shawn Marion is averaging the most minutes per game at 37.1. He is followed by Raja Bell, Grant Hill and Steve Nash. It may sound scary to have Grant Hill and Steve Nash in the top 4 of minutes on the team but when you look at the average minutes per game for the entire league, Shawn Marion ranks #26, Raja Bell is #45, Grant Hill comes in at #55 and Steve Nash doesn’t show up until #70. That’s right behind Jason Richardson and right ahead of Francisco Garcia.

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