Want a quick preview of tonight’s Suns at Blazers game? We got you covered. Here are five of the numbers that will have an impact on the outcome of the game that you might not know.


The number of members in the Partridge Family band and the number of players to lead the Suns in scoring this season.


A movie staring Bo Derek in dreadlocks and how many double-doubles in a row Marcin Gortat will have if he gets one versus the Blazers.


The Standard size of many digital picture frames. Oh, and also Steve Nash’s league leading assist average.


It’s not just the number that Jeff Hornacek wore during his time in Phoenix or the age when most of us were at our most awkward, it’s also the number of times in the regular the Suns have beaten the Blazers in their last 21 meetings.


The number of campy movies that Nicolas Cage has put out since 2005, but more importantly the number of points, a game high, that Jared Dudley had against Portland in their first meeting this season.

What’s your most important number in Friday’s game versus the Blazers?

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