Want a quick preview of tonight’s Suns at Rockets game? We got you covered. Here are five of the numbers that will have an impact on the outcome of the game that you might not know.


The age where Willard Scott might wish you a happy birthday on the Today Show and also the number of wins the Suns have against Rockets since 1968 when they played in San Diego.


Ha, you thought we were going to say Steve Nash, but really it’s the number of double-digit rebound games in a row Marcin Gortat has compiled.


The name of the 1998 Lenny Kravitz album that gave us “Fly Away.” Oh, and it just happens to be where Houston ranks in points per game.


The score the Russian judge would give at the Olympics when everyone else gave a 10. Also, it’s the number of assists Steve Nash is averaging, which leads the league.


It was the decade Hollywood is trying to ruin by remaking movies and bringing back beloved characters in bad commercials and the percent of games the Suns have won when Channing Frye and Jared Dudley both score in double figures.

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