It is clear that the Suns have fought hard over the past three seasons, especially in the playoffs. It is also clear that we’ve had a string of bad luck.

Grant Hill may change the winds of good fortune to blow towards Phoenix. 

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If the wind would’ve blown our way just a little bit (just once!) in each playoff series, we would be 3-time NBA Champions. That’s an NBA Dynasty. But the wind did not blow our way, so we’re here in 202007 trying to figure out if this will be the year if the Suns will win the championship.

Let’s take a quick assessment of our players. We have the familiar powerhouse talent in Nash, Marion, Stoudamire, and Bell. Boris Diaw is playing with strength and aggression that was missing last season. There’s no doubt that Leandro Barbosa will continue to sharpen his offensive game through the regular season to become a stronger, more consistent player in the playoffs. Newcomer Brian Skinner is a defensive and offensive force whenever he’s on the court, something we never saw coming.

The real wild car this season is Grant Hill, a player who came into Phoenix over the summer with little fanfare. Even with his unpredictable health, Grant Hill would’ve made a valuable addition to any team in the NBA, which is why he got big offers when he came up as a free agent. But instead, Grant chose to move to Phoenix because he wanted an NBA Championship.

And if I’ve learned anything from watching Grant Hill this season, it’s that he plays like a champion. I should say that I’m not a sports guy loaded with statistical trivia, nor am I a coach who understands the nuances of the game. I’m not a sports analyst. But I do know what it’s like to be a fan, and that counts for something.

Fans know how it feels to have the ball in Steve Nash’s hands. When the game is tied and the clock is ticking, there’s no greater boost of confidence than knowing that Steve Nash is calling the shots on the court. It’s not important whether he takes the final shot or he dishes it out to another player on the court, you know that the best decision-maker in the league is on your team. It’s a rush of confidence that few fans have when they watch their team in the big games. This is why Nash the two-time MVP.

After watching Grant Hill play in our jersey for the past 25 games, I’ve come to have that same confidence. His athletic ability on the court is spectacular, but what stands out most is his ability to judge the game with precision. I cannot tell you how, but Grant Hill just knows how to make it happen. And this should give us hope.

We’ll never know if the Suns would’ve conquered the Spurs last night had Tony Parker been there to deal the ball. But one thing is for sure, the San Antonio squad caught a glimmer of the championship play that Grant Hill brings to the Suns. And they have till January 31st to figure out if they can contain this new championship team. And this time, it’s on our court

…and the wind is blowing our way.

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