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Just because a guy goes to play in Greece for a couple years, doesn’t mean he should be forgotten. But it seems as if a lot of people that follow professional basketball forgot how much Josh Childress can help an NBA team.

When the Suns would have informal workouts during the preseason, few players stood out as much as Childress. And it went beyond the afro.

Besides a distinct nose for the ball, Childress has a unorthodox game that throws off defenders. Besides not needing more that a couple of dribbles to get around his defender and to the basket, the Stanford alum is clever in his movements without the ball.

The 6-8 swingman is not only a cerebral player, but somehow simultaneously instinctual. Whether it’s invading passing lanes, floowing missed shots, recovering loose balls or making adjustments in the air, Childress can appear to be a bit ubiquitous.

Plagued with a fractured finger, one that has watched JChillin’ during the offseason and preseason can see that it’s noticeably bothering him. After averaging nearly 9 points a game during the six preseason games leading up to his injury, including two games of double figures, Childress has yet to score more than four points in one of the three regular season contests he’s appeared in thus far.

But when it’s said and done, Childress could very well be one of the steals of the offseason. Check out the Top 5 moves from Childress that you probably forgot about… or have never seen…

1. JChillin dunking over Vince Carter.

2. Childress throws down a 360-degree slam in Greece.

3. Childress posterizes Kirk Hinrich.

4. Childress unleashes “My Big Fat Greek Dunk.”

5. Childress soars over the competition (15 second mark).

  • Marvin

    Cool! XD

  • JAS

    Suns should play Childress more and throw in Warrick with that statement. We need to have the players that will allow us the best chance to stay competitive on the floor. If that means Djuric plays more and Nash comes in fresher, this fan sees no problem with that. Dudley has to move to starter and Turk comes off the bench, good, were better on the defensive end and the way Turk has started the year, probably better on offense. Either way our Suns are not in the top 5 this year. If we slightly overachieve again and Childress and Warrick continue to play well, we should make the playoffs.

  • Jay Skardon

    Childress was another good signing for the Suns. Hope they let his finger heal properly, though.

  • Dan

    The Suns are in good hands with Josh Childress and Hakim Warrick. They will be just fine. Like Tom Chambers says, “Rebounding is a matter of desire”, and Josh Childress is proving him right by grabbing loose balls away from bigger players. The Suns are going to be a scrappy team this year, the kind of team the powerhouses will not want to play in the first round of playoffs. I would love to see the Suns do to the Lakers what Golden State did to Dallas a couple of years ago.