In the “Big Lebowski,” everyone knew not to mess “with the Jesus” when it came to bowling. When it comes to bowling with the Suns, you know not to mess with “Half-Man Half-Amazing.”

Vince Carter may be renowned for his aerial acrobatics on the basketball court. But it appears that his athletic skills also extend to the ground, as well.

Carter has been bowling since he was a young kid growing up in Florida. However, his skills started to evolve in college at North Carolina and then they really started to flourish once he made it to the NBA.

However, since arriving in Phoenix less than a month ago, he hasn’t been afforded the opportunity to find some nearby lanes. He also couldn’t find the time to bring his six professional bowling balls to the Valley.

“I was in bowling leagues in the summer back home,” Carter said. “I don’t play around.

“I used to go bowl at the AMFs that have bowling leagues. That’s my pretty much my hobby.”

When some players move to another city, they feel out of their element and unsettled until their pets or lucky charms arrive. For Carter, it’s his collection of bowling balls.

“I don’t have my ‘weapons’ with me,” he said. “All my buddies know. All I keep in my car are my bowling balls.”

When the question was posed of whether or not “Vinsanity” is the best bowler in the NBA, he said he was unsure. Carter said that he had heard that there is some stiff competition around the league.

Orlando’s Gilbert Arenas, New Orleans’ Chris Paul, Dallas’ Jason Kidd and Chicago’s Brian Scalabrine are all well-respected for their ability to roll at a high level. But according to Carter, former NBA players Damon Jones and Bo Outlaw may actually be the cream of the bowling crop.

Although the Suns guard used to wear hand gear when he was starting out, he said he doesn’t need it anymore. The eight-time All-Star professes that he doesn’t have much play in his wrist anymore and that he is now “pretty locked in” with his motion.

In his all of his years bowling, the former slam dunk champion has never bowled a perfect 300, but he has bowled a 265. He uses his six different bowling balls based on how dry or oily the lanes are, as well as for other strategic reasons that I can’t begin to fathom.

Carter even has one specific ball, called the “Spider,” which has a “very nasty hook.”

“Once I got in the NBA I could afford a few bowling balls,” Carter said. “That’s when I really got at it. After that, I was doing bowling leagues all the time with me and my buddies.”

Now the question is whether his neighbor from Orlando, Grant Hill, bowls? Do I smell a UNC vs. Duke bowling showdown?

  • Luis Ramirez

    Way to go Vince.

  • JAS

    Bowling, wow, thats what were blogging about now? Well latley with our Suns I guess there isn’t alot of positive B-Ball to write about. Please, do me a favor, rachet down the half man-half amazing stuff it’s really annoying. Maybe that applied to Carter sometime way back but teams don’t trade “amazing” players for merly good ones, that being the case here. Not to say Vince can’t help but come on he’s not bringing any titles to Phoenix without a ton of help and thats if he’s still around next season. So keep these inspiring blogs coming about Wrestlers and Bowling and possibly even the Loch Ness Monster, it’s a good way to distract while other teams make all the really big trades. By the way, thanks for the public appology Mr. Babby but I would rather have a “superstar”.

  • chester navarro

    you are always my idol vince .
    i hope you go to finals .

    i wish you luck ..

  • @TheBrettWalker

    Great story! Vince Carter has always been a favorite of mine and I love that he’s now with the Suns! I’d like to see him stay here for awhile. I’d like to watch him roll! Also great Big Leboswki quote! lol

  • Box

    Dwight Howard is seen frequently in Orlando bowling with his entourage. I saw him once…dude has like 12 balls. I’m sure VC and Dwight duked it out a few times!