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It’s still uncertain whether fans eager to see Vince Carter make his Suns debut against the Miami Heat on Thursday will have that holiday wish granted.

The eight-time All-Star is still experiencing swelling in his left knee after landing awkwardly on it during a game in San Antonio on November 22. Carter visited the doctor yesterday, learning that he will not need surgery to repair it.

Carter is listed as day-to-day.

“He’s still a little sore and there’s no reason to rush things,” Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry said. “We want him healthy before we run him out there.”

The diagnosis that the 6-6 shooting guard received is that he has inflammation in the tendon in his left quadricep, although the swelling has been reduced tremendously in the past 24 hours. As a precaution, Carter sat out of practice today.

He performed some light shooting and underwent treatment with the Suns training staff. Carter said that he’s hoping to play tomorrow, although he and the medical staff will come to a collective decision about it before the game.

Before arriving in Phoenix, Orlando’s training staff assured Carter that he’d be in “excellent hands” with the Suns medical staff. We’ll see if the Suns staff can work its magic so that at least one gift can come a couple of days early for Suns fans.

  • Vis

    I believe in you Carter!!!! Go suns!!! So excited after the trade :) So much more heart and consistency compared to Jrich

  • PAL S.


  • http://www.lanchuum.com Rudy

    VC is the Sun’s hero,We are Believe in VC15~

  • http://www.nba.com ric corro

    I believed on carter’s ability to play.
    He can do much with Nash than Jameer.
    While Jameer is shoot before passed,
    While Nash is a legitimate point guard.
    Pass first before to shoot.

  • michael goraj

    Ever since I learned how awesome of a player Vince Carter is I have been dreaming he would join the suns….finally my wish is granted and never in a million years did I believe it would come true. Over the years I have been loyal to the suns watching the management trade players that never had a chance to shine including Shaq and now we have a bonafide superstar that is worthy of playing with Nash, Grant, etc. and we have a real chance at becoming the team we were always destined to be. Don’t F this up guys! It’s truly time to stop plaing with our toys and start using them….

  • revz

    yes we believe you carter half man half amazing


    The Suns were weak before the trade, but now they are a lottery team on par with the Western Division Champs, ugh… Chumps!

  • confern

    carter will lead suns to greater heights.. the new star on the team. the new GO TO GUY

  • http://blog.suns.com/2010/12/5063/ young jay

    i been a carter fan ever since his debut in Toronto when he left Toronto i was heart broken but i was happy cuz Jason Kidd was a good point guard when he went to Orlando i knew he wasn’t goina be amazing cuz he not gonna touch the ball as much and nelson is a scoring point guard this trade is AMAZING the only person who can make vince , vincanity is
    nash lets go suns !

  • StanLi

    I hope that Vince’s goin’ to be healthy. Eventhough he’s already 34, he still have air in his tank… pour it out Vince.