A Look at the 2012-13 Suns Schedule

Much of a team’s record during any given NBA season can be attributed to the players, coaches and trainers.  But because the difference between a lottery pick and a great playoff seed has been just a few games over the past few seasons, some of the credit (or blame) for where a team ends up in the standings could probably go to a team’s schedule as well.  If a team gets a long stint at home toward the end of a season when the players are tired, or has an especially long road trip at the very beginning of the season, it could help or hurt them. [Read more...]

Offseason Proves to be Midlife Makeover for Suns

It’s not uncommon for someone turning 45 to experience what many refer to as a midlife crisis. They try to find a way to get more hair, acquire fast things and get into relationships with younger, more exciting people. It’s all in an attempt to regain what made them successful in their youth. It not just something balding middle aged men do. Sometimes basketball teams do it too.

The upcoming season will mark the 45th for the Phoenix Suns in the NBA. While their offseason most certainly has been anything but a ‘crisis’, they are undergoing a bigger midlife makeover than John Travolta (see: Saturday Night Fever compared to Hairspray). [Read more...]

Summer League First Impression: Basketball and Forming Bonds

There’s something about the NBA Summer League that brings basketball back to its roots.

Once the team is away from the hotel and the strip in Las Vegas, the bright lights are gone and it’s just the game.
While certain players on the 2012 “Summer Suns” may not become stars in the association, they are guys that have been around basketball their whole lives. And they probably will continue to be around the game, in some fashion, for the foreseeable future.

The game forms bonds between these players. [Read more...]

Recruiting Robin

During the NBA’s moratorium period – the time allotted for teams to meet with free-agents and negotiate deals – there are a number of different roads an organization can take to woo a player to sign or resign with them. Among the recruiting techniques are midnight phone calls from NBA executives, produced videos on what their organization or city has to offer, and even a face-to-face visits on a player’s front porch. Sometimes, however, a team manages to think of something a little more outside the box. [Read more...]

Remembering Charles Barkley's Arrival

It’s crazy how 20 years slips by. And from the moment Charles stepped into the terminal at Sky Harbor Airport, the sports landscape changed forever in Arizona. There never had been and never will be a bigger sports personality in the Valley. We have seen some major superstars and Hall of Famers like Randy Johnson of the D’Backs, Emmitt Smith and Kurt Warner with the Cardinals and even Wayne Gretzky skate-in to run the Coyotes, but nobody held a crowd with bravado and charisma like Chuck.

I was watching the “Dream Team” documentary the other night, and it occurred to me how modest and humble Charles was during those first couple days in Phoenix. But once he settled in to his sizzling new home after his arrival (by the way, Cotton Fitzsimmons should have raised the roof on his convertible when he drove Barkley away from the airport that smokin’ hot day), Charles let it fly. We all know what a sound bite machine he was (and still is), not to mention his antics on and off the floor that are still legendary. But I will always remember the behind the scenes events from that first year – like the first training camp up in Flagstaff. [Read more...]

Dudley Claims Bristol as ‘Second Home’

Suns swingman Jared Dudley is quickly becoming a veteran of ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut campus.

On Monday, he visited the media company and made appearances for television and radio. As is commonplace for ESPN, when a guest visits he or she doesn’t go for just one show. [Read more...]

Nash Adds Another One to the Mantel

Steve Nash knew he was going to the public’s focal point this season when it came to coverage of the Phoenix Suns during the 2011-12 season.

So game-in and game-out, the 16-year NBA veteran stood before the media to give his straight-forward, polite and informative take on the game as the leader of his team. [Read more...]

Assembling the Suns Avengers

As if my Twitter handle @orange_crusader wasn’t an indication of this enough, I am not only an admitted comic book geek, but one who embraces that geekness. To maintain some level of coolness over the years (and to avoid wedgies), I have also presented myself as a sports fan, thus requiring me to learn such complicated terms as “trifecta”, “clutch basket” and “flagrant foul.” [Read more...]

Suns Fan Artist Goes Streaking

Dustin Watson doesn’t subscribe to the theory that talking about a streak will end it, at least not with the run he’s currently on.

Members of the Suns might feel otherwise once they hear the details of Watson’s impact on the outcome of their games – athletes are a superstitious bunch, you know – but the illustrator has full confidence in the ability his Free Throw covers have had recently.
The threat that a little superstition poses doesn’t affect his confidence in the least. [Read more...]

Suns Historically Healthy

The legend goes that Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León traveled to Florida in search of the fountain of youth. There may be a reason he never found it.

It seems like he had the right idea to search in a place with great weather that what would one day become a retirement destination. He just had the wrong state.

That mythical rejuvenating fountain of water may be located somewhere in Arizona – more specifically the US Airways Center. [Read more...]