Bounceathon Provokes Internal Debate

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What would you have to get to dribble a ball for 54 hours straight? [Read more...]

Checking In From China

As my time in China comes to a close, I wanted to update all of you on the status of my trip to visit with Aaron Brooks. Tonight in Beijing I attended Aaron’s last playoff game of the season where his team, The Guangdong Southern Tigers, lost 124 – 121 to the Beijing Ducks. It was quite an experience to sit in the midst of the Tiger fans and observe them cheering and celebrating their team’s first Chinese Basketball Association title. The energy was truly electric, both inside and outside the Arena. [Read more...]

Suns Prove We More Powerful Than Me

I have played on a lot of teams during my playing days – club teams, college teams, professional teams from the United States, to South Korea to Russia – and there is one thing about this 2011-12 Phoenix Suns team that makes them extremely special.

It’s not the play of 16-year NBA veteran and two time MVP Steve Nash,the shooting ability of Jared Dudley – paired with his innate sense of hustle and heart – or even the pick-and-roll punch of Nash and Marcin Gortat that makes this team unique. [Read more...]

Super Fan Turns Super Scout

Every year the NCAA Tournament rolls around and everyone begins to fill out brackets for office pools, family pools, or a friend’s pool, and winning choices become based off extensive research, the records of the squads, allegiances as an alum, the colors of the uniforms or whose mascot could beat up the other team’s. If the last one happens to be true, Ohio State might never win a game. [Read more...]

Suns at Nuggets to Air on FOX Sports Arizona Plus

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For Suns fans who want to watch the game against the Denver Nuggets next Friday, you can tune in to the game on FOX Sports Arizona Plus. [Read more...]

The Suns Meet Hunger Games

There was one event that was talked about more than any other this weekend. It wasn’t the NCAA Elite Eight. 90 degree heat or even the return of Don Draper’s raging libido (although it finished a close second). The thing that made many grown men and women around the country transform into high school girls at a Katy Perry concert was the premiere of the film The Hunger Games.

For those of you who haven’t read the book because your idea of heavy reading is getting through a full Grantland article or cracking open a magazine — present company included — both the book and the film are about a post-apocalyptic America separated into 12 districts. Every year each district is represented by one individual in a televised fight to the death. The concept is interesting to say the least, although not completely original. It is similar to the 1980’s movie Running Man and Stephen King’s 1970’s novel The Long Walk.

But what if the idea were put into a sports context. Cue your inner Eminem… Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to save your life who would you ask to capture it or let it slip away? [Read more...]

Suns All About Chemistry

A few years back, before I discovered Twitter and the power of 140 character blogging, I wrote a longer piece for about a 9-game road trip. The idea behind it was that the Suns were in the midst of a 5-game trip, with one game back in Phoenix before taking off for a 3-game roadie. If you can follow along with that logic, Phoenix is currently on a freakishly long 15-game trip. Starting with Tuesday’s heartbreaker in Miami, the Suns play 15 games (12 away from Phoenix) without having consecutive home games. 15 games, all with airplane flights, bus rides and hotels in between. [Read more...]

Greetings From Indianapolis!

Finally, a chance to find a quiet coffee shop and relax for a couple hours. This schedule has been insane! We just finished 6 games(and broadcasts) in 8 days. And if you think only the players are feeling weary, think again. But as I tell all my family and friends, it beats the alternative that we were staring at in November.

Now in my 9th season on the road with the team, I have to point out one of my favorite parts of being around this particular group: Michael Redd. He is the genuine gentleman. That was a low-risk, high reward move by the Suns. Not only can the guy still play, he has added yet another touch of class and leadership alongside Steve and Grant. Michael, from Day One, has been warm and engaging. An all-star, Olympian and scoring machine with the Bucks, he came to the Suns with no attitude or agenda. Michael instantly fit in with the guys, who love to ride him for his unique style of clothing. He has an array of colorful sweaters and shoes that light-up the charter plane! [Read more...]

Gentry has a Recipe for Success

Since the All-Star break the Suns have been hotter than the asphalt of a Phoenix parking lot in July. They’ve rattled off nine wins in 11 games, have moved over .500 for the first time this season and they’re only a half game back of the eighth and final playoff spot. Needless to say, after a rough start, things are starting to look brighter in Phoenix.

When asked after Sunday’s game to identify the difference between his team in the first and second half of the season, Head Coach Alvin Gentry sarcastically responded: “Coaching.” As they say, there’s an ounce (or in this case a pound) of truth in every joke. [Read more...]

Morris Dunks Over Griffin

The Clippers’ Blake Griffin has made his name uncorking some ridiculous dunks over his fellow NBA brethren. But on Thursday night, Suns rookie Markieff Morris turned the tables on the Clippers star. [Read more...]