Bassy Homecoming with Mixed Emotions

(Photo Credit: Marlene Hall)

It has been just over a month since Hurricane Sandy left a number of cities, states and countries in shock and devastation. And with the storm taking place so close to the start of the NBA season, for Sebastian Telfair, this past weekend’s stop in New York marked the guard’s first visit to the Big Apple since Sandy took place.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Telfair said he had heard warnings of ensuing hurricanes in the past, but learned after a while that they generally didn’t amount to much more than warnings. An example of this took place just a year ago, when Hurricane Irene caused several New Yorkers to unnecessarily evacuate their homes. But when it came to Sandy, however, Telfair says he knew fairly quickly that this time would be different. [Read more...]

Dark Knights of the Round Table

I can’t speak for our Social Media Specialist, Greg Esposito, but for me, this was never a laughing matter. When “Espo” first informed me that the first six minutes of next summer’s The Dark Knight Rises would be played before Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, I was dead serious when I threw out the possibility of going to the theatre just to see the sneak peek… As in literally leaving after the sneak peek and bailing on the movie altogether. [Read more...]