Rays of Sunshine

Gortat is Beechen's best reason to remain hopeful.

A lifelong Phoenix Suns fan, not to mention comic book and cartoon writer, Adam Beechen contributes to Suns.com as a regular “super fan” blogger. [Read more...]

Found in Translation


This is a short story about surgeons, Shanghai, and a guy named Sean. It is just one example of the kind of activity that goes on at the US Airways Center and the kind of people that are lucky enough to call it their workplace. [Read more...]

Obama Receives Shaq Shoe Upon Arrival in Phoenix


When President Barack Obama arrived in Phoenix on Tuesday, Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon gave him what may be his most unique gift in the short time he has been president:  a shoe signed by Shaquille O’Neal.

Gordon’s son, Jake, held the shoe while he was waiting for Obama to arrive and the shoe covered his entire chest.  When the President exited the plane, he was greeted by several people and was given the shoe.  According to HuffingtonPost.com, Obama grinned as he put the Shaq shoe next to his own.  Since he is such a big basketball fan, maybe the next gift he should receive when he comes to Arizona is a chance to suit up and practice with the Suns.

See all of the pictures of President Obama’s arrival at sports.ktar.com.

Barkley to be on "In My Own Words"

Barry Gossage / NBAE Photos

On Tuesday, October 21, Fox Sports Arizona will have Charles Barkley on the show “In My Own Words” at 7:30 p.m.

The show is part of what the channel is calling a “Sunstastic Tuesday,” which will also include previous episodes of “In My Own Words” from Steve Nash and Steve Kerr as well as a Tip-Off Special and a Suns Ring of Honor spotlight. [Read more...]

Suns Under the Stars I

With the Suns scheduled to play the second outdoor game in their history tonight, there was the predictable search through the memory banks to dredge up hazy recollections of the first one 36 years ago.

Saturday’s exhibition vs. the Denver Nuggets will be played under the lights at the plush Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, Calif., while Outdoor I was played on September 24, 1972 in no-frills Hiram Bithorn Baseball Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico against the Milwaukee Bucks. [Read more...]

Suns Waive Collins

The Phoenix Suns waived forward Coleman Collins following Wednesday night’s preseason opener versus the Atlanta Hawks at US Airways Center.  The Suns’ roster now stands at 15.

The need to be perfect

Training camp gets a lot easier when you’ve been here before. This season is my second with the Suns. Last year, I guess I could have been considered a rookie. I was so overwhelmed with everything, I didn’t really notice things. It’s all just a blur. I was trying to do everything perfectly and not screw up. I didn’t do anything unless I was specifically told and then only when I was specifically told how to do it. When I wrote a blog post, I sent it to all of the “veterans” of the Suns.com staff for review and I only posted it after I got approval from them all.

This year, I’m a lot more comfortable. I know a bit more about what my role is. I’ve learned how to enjoy my time while still working hard. I can get more things done in a shorter period of time because I have more experience at this level.

In this morning’s practice, I noticed the same thing happened with the rookies on the team. After doing warm-ups where the players went through several different stations, they had to run from baseline to baseline – running backwards, running with their knees way up, reaching up to the sky while running, etc. [Read more...]

Training Camp: Past and Present

Greetings, Suns fans.  As the new seasons nears and training camp is about to begin I have been asked to go back in time to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the Suns were in their infancy and have a look at how things have changed since that first training camp of mine so many seasons ago.  I am also quite sure this honor has been bestowed upon me as I wore numeral 41 and this is the 41st year for us.  No less an honor for compadre, Mark West, who also wore this number.  We are the only two in team history.  But, I digress.

As they say, ‘back in the day’ here is how it was.  In this first respect, it was the same then as it is now except for the jump off point.   We all met at the Coliseum – you remember the Madhouse on McDowell – and boarded a large bus just as the current Suns edition will do for their drive ‘down’ to Tucson.  Hmm, why is that we refer to Tucson as down there when it is a higher elevation??  Perhaps, the southeasterly direction.  Again, I digress.  After the doors shut and the trip begins, the similarities almost cease until workouts begin. There were no electronic devices for anything – phones, PDA, video games, IPod, laptop, etc. [Read more...]

NBA season just around the corner

Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty Images

Andrew D. Bernstein / Getty Images

I was driving home from the arena the other day and was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Normally when that happens, I turn on the radio and try to forget that it’s going to take me nearly an hour to get home while people in the carpool lane next to me are zooming on by. So there I was, listening to music and minding my own business, when I heard a honk from the direction of the HOV lane. I looked over and there was a van next to me.

The driver had slowed down enough so they were going the same speed I was and he was holding up all the people behind me. But he didn’t seem to care. When I had looked at him, he rolled down his passenger side window and was motioning with his hand to roll down mine. I thought maybe there was something going on with my car and he was trying to save me from imminent death. So I rolled down the window. [Read more...]

The Reason I Watch Sports

It seems that someone is always asking me the question, “Why do you watch so many sporting events?”

When I go to my parent’s house, my mom doesn’t mind all of the sports we watch but she does ask me why we always have an urgent need to watch a game all the time. My wife, despite being the most supportive “sports wife” in history, sometimes wonders why I can’t help but turn to a sporting event when I see it on TV. Whether it’s basketball, baseball, football, golf, NASCAR, ping pong, volleyball, cricket or anything else – if it has a winner and a loser, I’ll watch it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reminded about the reasons I watch sports. Watching the ESPY’s (yes, I watch the ESPY’s – they deal with sports, don’t they?) reminded me of one reason. While watching the Best Play category and seeing replays of Eli Manning work his way out of a tackle and then chuck the football downfield to David Tyree who made an unbelievable catch to help the Giants win the Super Bowl, I got goose bumps. Sure, the play was exciting – even watching it several months after the fact. But because I watched the game live, I remembered the events surrounding the miracle catch – that the Patriots were undefeated and that the Giants looked like they might lose the game until that catch. And those memories made watching the play again that much more special. [Read more...]