Lights… Camera… Nash!

Here’s proof that even when he doesn’t have a basketball in his hands, Steve Nash makes for compelling storylines. [Read more...]

Boxing Champ "El Martillo" Talks Suns

Talk about a guy who can “take a shot…”

For anyone who feels a need to voice their opinion on the Suns, by all means, take it up with this particular member of the team’s fan base. [Read more...]

An MVP Double-Double

Baseball's Justin Morneau and the Suns' Steve Nash. Courtesy of Brad G. Faye/

Minnesota Twins All-Star first baseman (and NBA fan) Justin Morneau was a recent guest at a Suns home game, courtesy of friend and fellow British Columbia native, Steve Nash. [Read more...]

John Nash Dishes on Son Steve

John Nash stopped by US Airways Center last week to watch his son at practice.

It’s nothing new that dads are usually proud of their sons, but one dad is understandably fond of his “Sun.”

John Nash, father to a certain two-time NBA MVP Suns point guard, was in town last week to work in some impromptu family get-togethers. Arriving in time to catch his son-in-law (and Vancouver Canucks forward) Manny Malhorta’s game against the Phoenix Coyotes, the elder Nash stopped by Suns practice earlier in the day to check in on his son Steve, who coincidentally had a game the same night. [Read more...]

Gentry Picks Steelers, Picks Up New Jacket for Nelson

Sadly, Suns Head Athletic Trainer (and Steelers fan) Aaron Nelson will not have tickets to the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry brought him a fancy, new jacket. Can the Steelers bring him another NFL championship? [Read more...]

Nash, Hill Send Nelson to AFC Championship Game

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has his team in another Super Bowl.

For anybody who thinks Steve Nash and Grant Hill can’t deliver big, Suns Head Athletic Trainer Aaron Nelson will gladly disagree with you. [Read more...]

Steve The Terminator

When the talk around the NBA turns to great “closers”, Steve Nash’s name doesn’t seem to come up nearly as often as it should, and sometimes not at all.

He is given due props for his playmaking, uncanny ability to out-think defenses, and almost unparallel productivity for a point guard his age. While all of the above is true, I’m here to tell you he is also as deadly a clutch shooter as there is in the game today.

[Read more...]

Vote No. 13 to All-Star and See the "Possible"

No fan vote is too small for would-be 2011 All-Star hopeful Steve Nash.

A lot of aspiring NBA All-Stars talk a big game, but how often do you really get something tangible back for your valuable fan votes? Well, now here’s your chance – a chance to “maybe” see Steve Nash dunk. [Read more...]

The Potential Explosiveness of "Mount Pietrus"

While it’s been roughly 6,000 years since France’s Chaîne des Puys volcano range has last erupted, French swingman Mickael Pietrus has been much more efficient. [Read more...]

'Tis the Season for the Suns to Give Back

If you’ve followed the Suns outside of nightly box scores for any given amount of time, you should already be well-versed in the franchise’s commitment to the community, regardless of the time of year.

Still, when those good tidings coincide with the holiday season, it seemingly does make them that much more special.

Case in point, the franchise is spreading its own dose of holiday cheer this week with a pair of community appearances in the Valley. [Read more...]