Scola Ain’t a Beauty, But He’s Alright

When you’re a young kid, there are a million things you think are cool. You’re into whatever the fad of the week is. If you’re a child of the late ‘80s you fell in love with Alf, Pong, parachute pants and maybe even New Kids on the Block. That is if you had really poor taste. It’s rare that any of these infatuations stick with you for a lifetime, though.

For me, only two of my late ‘80s obsessions lasted into adulthood. One is the Phoenix Suns — which as you can tell, also became my profession — and the other is a love for Bruce Springsteen music. The latter was thanks to a father who would drop the needle of the record player (the precursor to the CD player and distant cousin to the iPod for you youngins) on one of the Boss’ many brilliant works of art every free moment we had in the house on a weekend.

There have been very few times in life that the two have crossed paths. That was until the other night while watching Luis Scola play. [Read more...]

P.J. Tucker Appeals ESPN Ruling

They say that any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right. “They” obviously have never seen themselves on SportsCenter on a Friday morning with circus music playing underneath. P.J. Tucker has. As a matter of fact, he now has a pretty unspectacular three-peat (Please don’t charge us for the use of the term alright Pat Riley. Remember you used to play here.)

Tucker is no stranger to getting dirty. He does everything for the team, even prompting certain people, — OK, just me — to refer to him as the Garbage Man. That doesn’t mean he likes to be told he “stinks” though. Despite that knowledge, ESPN, for the third time in six weeks of the NBA season, has included him in their Friday “Not Top 10” list. [Read more...]

Suns May Have Played Last Game Ever

Well that’s it! After 3,586 games, the Phoenix Suns’ franchise has officially come to an end. That is if you believe the Mayan sports schedule. According to our ancient friends from the south, Friday is the final day of the season. That is, every season known to man.

If they’re right, the curtain will fall on the world and Planet Orange. Yes, the Suns will have played their final game in franchise history on Wednesday and what a way to go out! [Read more...]

All For Giving: Shop with a Jock

Riding bikes, throwing frisbees, running around and laughing so loud that it rang through the aisle of Sport Chalet at Tempe Marketplace Tuesday night. It wasn’t because a large group of kids from the Guadalupe branch of the Valley Boys and Girls Clubs were in the store. No, it was just what Suns center Marcin Gortat and Suns alumni Mark West, Eddie Johnson and Alvan Adams were doing to have fun during Suns’ “Shop with a Jock” event. [Read more...]

Retro Retorter’s Notebook: Suns Vs. Mavs


One Hour Before Game: On the court an hour before the game. Dan Majerle, in his Suns warmup t-shirt, was on the court with his son within five feet of former foe Reggie Miller, who was in his shirt and tie for TNT. When I asked him who would win in a 3-point shoot out right now he said “Me, because he’s wearing a long sleeve shirt.” Got to love Thunder’s sense of humor.

Minutes Before Tipoff: Packed crowd and all on their feet for the starting lineups. The song “Work Hard. Play Hard” is in the intro video. Sums up this team and probably most of the people spending their money to be in the building tonight.

First Quarter:

11:32: Satisfaction guaranteed? Yeah, that’s a great start with the alley-oop from Beasley to Gortat. Which may be the first and only time that phrase is ever said in the NBA.

9:29: For a good time Alvin Gentry has called on Markieff Morris and Michael Beasley so far. Keef has four points and four rebounds and Bease has three points and two assists of his own. [Read more...]

P.J. Tucker the Next Dan Majerle?

It’s a little known fact what is P.J. in P.J. Tucker stands for. That’s because Tucker’s real first name is Anthony: named after his dad. So why aren’t his initials A.J.?

His father, a baseball player, was known for the pop in his bat and thus got the moniker, Pop. That’s how the Suns forward wound up with the nickname Pops Jr., or P.J. for short.

It’s funny because pop is exactly what Tucker has provided the Suns off the bench all season long. His energy and effort have been a large reason why the Suns have made more comebacks this season than Brett Favre and Guns and Roses combined. [Read more...]

Goran Dragic Accomplishes Lifelong Dream

In politics getting your name on the ballot is as simple as having enough money to run a campaign and good enough looks not to be off putting to the public. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with actual qualifications, at least not all the time (see: former professional wrestlers turned politicians.). In the NBA it’s slightly different.

Sure, both political elections and the All-Star game vote boils down to a popularity contest, but to have your name printed on the ballot in the NBA is a sign of respect and superior skill. It’s something that many players don’t take lightly. [Read more...]

Don’t Call it a Comeback. Call it Historic

Don’t call it a comeback. Call it a historic comeback. Period.

That’s what happened at US Airways Center on Friday night. After trailing the Cavs by as many as 26 points and after falling behind 36-17 after one quarter, the Suns completed the third largest comeback in franchise history and the largest ever seen by a crowd in Phoenix. It was proof that the beauty of sports is anything can happen at any time. [Read more...]

Turner Goes Extra Mile For Rookie Garrett

It is usually veterans and coaches that make rookies go the extra mile and do crazy things. On Friday morning in downtown Phoenix, one of the Suns’ first-year players decided to followed Gangstarr’s lead and ‘Flip the Script’ on a coach.

The rookie in question was former Iowa State guard Diante Garrett and while he didn’t do it intentionally, he wound up making one of his assistant coach go the extra mile… literally. [Read more...]

Brown’s NBA Jam Moment

If you’re a child of the 90s when you hear the phrase “He’s on fire!” your thoughts immediately turn into a 16-bit versions of reality. That’s because the phrase was made popular by the genre defining video game NBA Jam. On Wednesday night in Charlotte, Suns shooting guard Shannon Brown made it popular again.

In the 4th quarter, with his team clinging to an 85-81 lead after being ahead by double-digits, Brown decided to get hotter than a Suns Dancers swimsuit calendar shoot (which just happened to occur on Wednesday as well). The swingman entered the final quarter with a relatively quiet 9 points. That didn’t last for long. [Read more...]