Suns Discuss Favorite All-Star Memories

With over 50 years of history, you’d expect the answer to the question, “What was your favorite All-Star memory as a kid?” to vary greatly. After a little investigating, however, that proved to be anything but the case.

A large conglomerate of Suns listed thedunk contest as the competition that stood out the most to them, particularly the 2000 contest featuringformer Sun and then-Raptors star Vince Carter.

“Hands down, Vince Carter,” Suns forward P.J. Tucker said of the high-flyer’s victory. “It was the No. 1 All-Star moment of all-time.” [Read more...]

Kendall Marshall D-League Tracker

With Suns rookie point guard Kendall Marshall on assignment with the Bakersfield Jam in the NBA Development League, thought it would be best to keep you updated with how the team’s 2012 first-round draft pick is faring. Check back early and often to get the latest on how Marshall is doing! [Read more...]

Suns Radio Broadcasts to Air on FM

(NBAE/Getty Images)

The Suns’ road matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies tomorrow (April 11), along with the team’s home game versus the Los Angeles Clippers on April 19, will both be broadcast on News/Talk 92.3 KTAR. [Read more...]

Suns at Nuggets to Air on FOX Sports Arizona Plus

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

For Suns fans who want to watch the game against the Denver Nuggets next Friday, you can tune in to the game on FOX Sports Arizona Plus. [Read more...]

Hill's New Documentary to Debut Sunday

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Former Duke All-Americans Grant Hill and Christian Laettner and producers Amy Unell and Madeleine Sackler teamed up with Turner Sports to offer viewers an inside look at one of the most-storied college basketball programs in the history of the game. [Read more...]

Just Seven Stand Between Nash and KJ


Mathematicians hear it and they think the fourth prime number and a double Mersenne prime at that (or so we’re told). To others it represents luck and happiness. And If you say it to fans of pop culture? Well, it conjures up images of the film starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and inevitably leads to someone shouting the line “What’s in the box?”

If you say seven to many Suns fans, visions of breathtaking passes, emphatic dunks over men the size of Kanye West’s ego (or at least the one he portrays in commercials), lighting-fast crossovers and a fade cut instantly come to mind. [Read more...]

By The Numbers: Suns At Blazers

Want a quick preview of tonight’s Suns at Blazers game? We got you covered. Here are five of the numbers that will have an impact on the outcome of the game that you might not know. [Read more...]

Nash And Dudley Up For Award Based on Characters

The NBA has a lot more than 140 characters that play in it but not all of them can show their personality and express themselves in 140 characters or less.

The Phoenix Suns’ roster is full of character guys, but it also just happens to be home to more than a few guys who have mastered the art of the tweet the way Charles Barkley has mastered the art of making jokes at the expense of Ernie Johnson. Whether it’s directly communicating with fans, sharing humorous anecdotes or rooting for one of their favorite soccer clubs — we’re looking at you @SteveNash — they’ve used the new media medium as a platform to connect with people across the globe. [Read more...]

The Content of the Suns' Character

H. Jackson Brown once said, “Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.”

The Suns’ locker room was a perfect example of that on Friday night .

After a tough loss to the New Jersey Nets, while most writers and bloggers were trying to do their best impressions of Edward R. Murrow, something truly special that would reveal more about the team than any quote was taking place in the corner. [Read more...]

Dark Knights of the Round Table

I can’t speak for our Social Media Specialist, Greg Esposito, but for me, this was never a laughing matter. When “Espo” first informed me that the first six minutes of next summer’s The Dark Knight Rises would be played before Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, I was dead serious when I threw out the possibility of going to the theatre just to see the sneak peek… As in literally leaving after the sneak peek and bailing on the movie altogether. [Read more...]