Lon Babby on Arizona Sports 620 12/12/12

President of basketball operations Lon Babby stopped by Arizona Sports 620′s Doug and Wolf Show Wednesday to talk about his team.

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Bassy Homecoming with Mixed Emotions

(Photo Credit: Marlene Hall)

It has been just over a month since Hurricane Sandy left a number of cities, states and countries in shock and devastation. And with the storm taking place so close to the start of the NBA season, for Sebastian Telfair, this past weekend’s stop in New York marked the guard’s first visit to the Big Apple since Sandy took place.

Growing up in Brooklyn, Telfair said he had heard warnings of ensuing hurricanes in the past, but learned after a while that they generally didn’t amount to much more than warnings. An example of this took place just a year ago, when Hurricane Irene caused several New Yorkers to unnecessarily evacuate their homes. But when it came to Sandy, however, Telfair says he knew fairly quickly that this time would be different. [Read more...]

Robin Lopez Video

A Dream Draft

I know how the lottery picks in the 2011 NBA Draft in a few weeks are likely to go, and I know how I’d like to see them go. Two very different things. Here’s my hope for the latter: [Read more...]

Cleaning Out My Locker

Gortat is the kind of center the Suns haven't had in a long time.


Having spent the last few weeks devoting every iota, every fiber of my being, to rooting against the Lakers, I finally have a little time on my hands. So I’m venturing into US Airways Center to at last clean out my locker from the 2010-2011 NBA season. Things tend to pile up during the course of six or seven months, and to be honest, I don’t do the best job of keeping my Superfan locker neat and orderly, so I have no idea what I’ll find…

Hey, here’s a Hedo Turkoglu Suns jersey, barely worn. And this looks like his playbook. I wonder why he wrote all this stuff in the margins… “Orlando roolz….I (heart) Orlando…Dwight, do you miss me?”

Speaking of playbooks, here’s Earl Clark’s. Wow, the spine really cracked when I opened it, like it had never been opened before.

Here’s Jason Richardson’s basketball card from 2006, when he was with Golden State. Twenty-three points per game. Say, that’s pretty good!

A whole folder of Josh Childress’ take-out menus from Italian restaurants. That are actually in Italy. Someone’s been remembering the good times, looks like.

A note from Gani Lawal’s agent outlining their strategy for convincing the Suns to keep him on for next season: “Emphasize league-leading shooting percentage.” It’s true, he didn’t miss a single shot all season. Then again, he didn’t take a shot, either.

Garret Siler’s food journal. Man, that’s a lot of soy!

What’s Frederic Weis doing in here? Boy, Vince Carter really does carry this guy with him everywhere he goes.

A letter from Yuta Tabuse to Zabian Dowdell…It’s written in Japanese, but I think I can translate it… “Hang in there…You never know.”

A half-full glass of Goran Dragic’s potential. I wonder why he didn’t use the whole thing while he was here? Oh well. I hope he took the rest to Houston with him.

I’m not sure if I’m reading these papers correctly…It looks like academic correspondence between Channing Frye and mathematicians at MIT discussing precise angles and trajectories for jump shots about twenty-three feet away from he basket. I guess that explains a lot about his last few seasons.

Jeez, this is heavy…a whole case of batteries for Jared Dudley’s iPhone. The man does love his Twitter.

This looks like a letter Marcin Gortat never got around to mailing home to Poland. “Dear Mom: Can you believe they’ve never had a center like me on this team before?”

Uh oh. Here’s Robin Lopez’s confidence. I thought I gave this to him at the start of the season. My bad, everybody. I’ll get it back to him before training camp, I promise.

The pawn shop receipt for Aaron Brooks’ “2009-2010 Most Improved Player” award. Boy, I sure hope he gets that back, and soon.

One lottery ticket, issued to Robert Sarver, Lon Babby, Lance Blanks and Alvin Gentry. And it’s in a little box with all these rabbits’ feet and four-leaf clovers…

A big, big box of thank you cards, messages of support, and letters of appreciation for Suns President Rick Welts. I don’t think he’s actually received these yet. But he will. Very soon. And he deserves them.

And finally…

Hey, what’s this buried way in the back here, covered by blankets? Looks like some kind of art or something. Lots of dust on them…Holy cow, I think these are portrait paintings of Steve Nash and Grant Hill! But the guys are painted to look like they’re 450 years old! I wonder if I should show these to them…Nah, I think I’ll just put them back where they were, keep them for next season, and forget I ever saw them.

Turbulence to Be Expected

(Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images)

For the first time this season, the fast-breaking Suns have hit a snag. And guess what? That’s OK. [Read more...]

Tough Times in Phoenix

Does Steve Nash look lke the type to escalate a fight?
(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

A new coaching staff. A different style of play – more emphasis on defense and no more “7 seconds or less” on offense. Preseason injuries to their 2 best players. A rookie backing up Steve Nash. Various family matters and league rulings that have pulled players from the lineup. An early schedule that included 5 of the first 7 games away from home. [Read more...]

Beechen Draft Night Diary

I searched (unsuccessfully) for an agent, went to pre-draft camp (and all I got was a t-shirt), and worked out privately for the Suns’ brass. And now we’ll see if all the hard work and preparation will be worth it.Herewith, my draft night diary, so you can share in all the joy, tears and anticipation of my bright athletic future.

All times Pacific.

2:30 PM: The first thing you have to do, if you’re an NBA draft prospect and you expected to be selected, is make sure you’re wearing your finest, flashiest suit. You want to announce to the world, here I am, ready to ruin your retinas and proud of it! Remember Joakim Noah’s duds last year? I found them a bit restrained. So I go to my local clothier (I won’t give them free promotion, but let’s just say their name rhymes with “Shmoss Dress For Less”) and head for the suit department. I ask the experienced salesperson on duty (he’s been working there since high school got out a few weeks ago) for his finest, single-breasted, purple and orange ensemble. “I’m going to be drafted by the Suns,” I tell him proudly. Not surprisingly, they have just such a suit. Unfortunately, it’s wool, and it’s eighty degrees in Los Angeles today. Double-unfortunately, the words “Harvey’s Singing Telegrams” are stitched across the back of the jacket. But the suit calls to me like…like…like a suit that’s calling to me. I plunk down my $19.99 and head into the sunshine. I’m sweating before I get to the car. [Read more...]

Life with Lopez as a Phoenix Sun

Robin Lopez’ mother, Debbie Ledford, is excited he was chosen by the Suns.
(Jeramie McPeek/Suns.com)

After the press conference, I caught up with Robin’s mother, Debbie Ledford, and his brother, Alexander Lopez. Alexander is twelve years Robin’s senior and two inches shorter but his mother gives him and their other brother, Christopher, partial credit for the work ethic both twins have on the court. “The (older brothers) taught them a lot and they showed no mercy,” she explained. Alexander continued, “We were pretty tough on them. But they got tough on both of us when they were able to.”

Obviously Robin was tough enough on his brothers that an NBA team thought he would be a good fit for them. Everyone in the family was ecstatic when Lopez was picked by Phoenix. Debbie pointed out that Robin loved the Suns from the very beginning and when he knew the team was interested in him, he stopped working out for any other team so they wouldn’t know how good he was. “This is the perfect fit for him. It’s the perfect thing for him and the best thing for the team.”

I asked what his family thought fans would want to know about him that they don’t already know. His brother said that Robin isn’t shy about being in media now that he has experience in the limelight so fans already know a lot about him. His mom commented that “he’s a gentle giant. He’s so good around kids, like his niece. He has a big heart. He treats children very well.” [Read more...]

Phoenix Suns Draft Night Blog

4:15 pm – I’ve been here for nearly eight hours and my night is just getting started. I started my day out on the zero level of the arena waiting for the circus to get over so we could do a “green screen” shoot with the circus animals, clowns and acrobats. The next part of my day moves to the 2nd and 3rd floor of the arena and is a different kind of circus. Draft night was an exciting night for me even when I didn’t work for the Suns. It’s even better now. There’s a kind of electricity in the building. The executives and coaches are on the 4th floor in the war room, the Suns.com team is headquartered on the 3rd floor in the newsroom but is scattered throughout the arena and at the draft parties in nearby restaurants and the press is on the 2nd floor waiting for the draft to start. The Suns have the 15th and the 48th picks to start out the night. The draft projections are all over the place so it’s hard to say who the Suns will get. But it should be an interesting night.

4:25 pm – Five minutes before the first pick and we’re experiencing the calm before the storm. Only three guys are left in the newsroom at the moment and things seem pretty calm. But I imagine it will pick up pretty soon. [Read more...]