Steve Nash has his EA Sports spots with Landon Donovan. Jared Dudley has his ”JMZ” twitvids. Now Channing Frye is going viral, too. The Suns’ center stars in a new YouTube video in which he is “interviewed” on a new online talk show. Team Coco would be proud.

  • JAS

    I like Channing, in his interviews, he seems like his head is on right. Hope he’s around after the big shuffel,(it’s coming) he’s a good player in the right role. Suns don’t have the luxury this season of putting Frye back in that right spot, thats why he’s struggling so far.

  • JAS

    Suns knock off the Warriors who have Ellis and Curry and not much else going for them. Not a surprise, we have played havoc with the second level teams for the last three seasons. I like to call Phoenix the kings of the “mediocre” NBA. It’s a win and they all count.

  • JAS

    Suns put Frye back where he belongs, huge game, win over Indiana. Were still horible rebounding but when they fall Suns are tough to handle. It’s looking a little better chemistry wise but were still currently a shaky 8 in the West. Baron is okay in the interm but Lopez needs to get back if were serious of making a run at even a low playoff spot.

  • Randy

    Speaking of Team CoCo, bring him to the valley and Planet Orange…he will fit in quite nicely. have him interview some players, entertain the crowd at a game. etc etc.

    Might be fun…?

  • Cdub

    So, As a Amare scores 31pts with 16 boards and 2 blcks and 1 steal and the Knicks have a better record than we do…am I the only one thinking….ummmmmm why did we not pay Amare Max Salary. Looking at how we are playing right now…which is not bad…with Amare we’d be 14-4 and right with the Lakers and Spurs for best in the West. That was such a bad decision. I’d trade Turk, Warrick, and Childress for Amare right now.

    Speaking of which, why is Hakim Warrick not starting and playing 30+ minutes a game? They started him one game, he was a little off, and that’s it??? Why in the world are they playing Barron!?! If they played Warrick those minutes they’d be the pacers by 15 Friday night.

    Someone please tell me I am not the only one that sees this!

  • JAS

    Nash had one one of (those games) aganst the Wizards where he showed Wall that you get a rep by what you do on the floor young rookie not by your name alone. To bad he isn’t able to do it on a consistent basis anymore. Warrick has made me forget about Amare, who was not going to bring the franchise a title, forget about it, no way, move on. Problem with Hakim you also get the negative, he doesn’t defend well, same as Stoudamire, (be careful what you wish for) because we got it. Barron is still working on just being a good player, he hasn’t made it yet but it allows Frye and Turk to go back to their comfort positions and against the Wizards it showed big time. Suns are still lacking plenty of defense and interior toughness but we can hold our own against all but the upper tier. It’s not going to get us a title but maybe a playoff spot. At this point it’s all we have.