No one will confuse Suns forward Channing Frye with an American Idol contestant, but for one summer afternoon in the Pacific Northwest he did sing in front of a crowd of strangers. That group he performed for consisted of children and staff members from the cancer ward of Portland’s Legacy Emanuel’s Randall Children’s Hospital.

Frye, who spends part of his offseason living in Portland, has a very personal connection to the hospital he chose to show off his vocal chops, or lack thereof, at. His son spent time there a few years ago. It was an experience that taught the big man what kind of impact the facility and music could have on the young patients. According to, the hospital runs a special program called Music RX that focuses on karaoke and instructional instruments for those being treated at the facility.

“Everybody listens to music. You ask players what they listen to before games. You ask people what they listen to when they’re mad or upset,” Frye told the website. “You can look at the studies that show kids’ heart rates slow. They become more relaxed. It takes them to a better place.”

Although, Frye admits his song stylings may not exactly have had that same effect on the children.

“I’m trying to find a song two minutes or under so the kids’ ears don’t get ruined,” he joked to before he sung.

If you watch the video, Frye’s signing wasn’t the center of attention. His duet partner, 6-year-old Lailah Bates Ross, who is a patient there, stole the show with her singing and dancing.

While the forward’s rendition of the Black Eyed Peas’ “Let’s Get It Started” may not have done much to help the hospital other than provide a few laughs and lift the kids’ spirits, Frye and his charity, the Frye Family Foundation, also donated $10,000. It was a generous gesture to help the hospital continue to serve the children of Portland and probably more than enough to make up for being a little off key.

Frye may not be an American Idol winner in this lifetime, but little Lailah may have a future in the business. Before the Suns forward left, he told his singing partner he was hanging up the microphone since he already had the chance to sing with the best.

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