While recovering from his heart ailment, Channing Frye has begun to test the waters for a future in broadcasting.

We have been fortunate to have Channing’s insight and upbeat personality enhance our FOX Sports AZ telecasts of Suns games.

Channing has joined Tom Chambers and me for three Suns Live Pregame shows, along with a couple of halftime appearances. By the way, the Suns record is now 2-1 with Frye on set, with his only setback coming after the loss in OT to the Bulls.

While we would all much prefer to see No. 8 on the floor, this is still a nice way for Frye to stay connected with the team and the fans.

So with three games under his television belt, how does the scouting report look for this charismatic, congenial and telegenic TV analyst?

STRENGTHS: Well spoken, fresh and colorful vocabulary. For example, when he said that Michael Beasley “won’t go all ham” on the Pistons in the second game of the season, I had to ask my
17 year old son what that meant!

He also has a deep knowledge of the players’ tendencies, is dialed into the coaches and their schemes and seems very comfortable in front of the camera,

He’s not afraid to express an opinion, has a good sense of timing while speaking over highlights, comes with an abundance of respect for Tom Chambers the player AND Tom Chambers the broadcaster and naturally has a smile that lights up any HD screen.

AREAS TO IMPROVE: His clothing style: The Mr. Rogers sweater on Wednesday was questionable at best. The first game he wore a white tee under a sport coat, which worked well until he began admiring himself in the monitor!

Speaking when spoken to: This may be the most challenging part of live television. When the producer is giving you time cues and topical cues in your headset while you are attempting to formulate and deliver your verbal message…Not Easy!!

In all sincerity, working with Channing and, of course, TC has made this first month back on the set extremely enjoyable. We have introduced new segments like “Who Said That?”, “Voices from the Past” and we will soon roll out our first “Suns Undercover” feature in 10 years when Marcin Gortat takes over the Hammer Strike at The Arizona State Fair. We will also bring you the “Dudley Superstar Challenge” as JD takes on a field of Arizona superstars to test his athletic skills. Keep it tuned to Suns Live all season.

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