When dealing with international draft prospects entering the NBA sometimes you just don’t know what you might get. In Steven Adams’ case what you don’t get may have nothing to do with his on the court skills. Even though he played one year in the states after arriving from New Zealand, there are some cultural things he may still have to adjust to in the NBA.

Adams’ has a glaring deficiency that any team that drafts him may have to address quite quickly, and his representatives may have to turn into an endorsement deal. The 19-year-old center who played one year at Pitt made a pretty big confession following his pre-draft workout for the Suns over the weekend.

“What’s a peanut butter cup?,” Adams said to a reporter. “I haven’t even tried those yet.”

Never tried a peanut butter cup? Isn’t that required on American college entrance exams these days? If not, it should at least be expected of a person wanting to enter the NBA.

In a league that includes guys like Lamar Odom who has battled with a well documented candy addiction, even being nicknamed “the Candyman”, Derek Rose who has had stomach issues in the past due to gummy bears that almost made him miss a title game and even Phoenix’s own Michael Beasley who has a love for Skittles, Adams will have to learn to adapt on the fly.

That, and he’s missing out on one of the great joys in life, chocolate combined with peanut butter. Easily the best two-man game outside of Stockton and Malone.

The best part of it all though was the sense of humor Adams showed about the situation. He laughed about the entire situation saying he wouldn’t share his bad habit secrets with the media while also getting in a joke of his own telling the gathered group that for Phoenix, he’d expect the reporters to have better tans. Apparently he doesn’t realize how much time we spend inside waiting to talk to guys like him.

In a process that can tend to feel monotonous, it was nice of Adams to show off his personality. And Steven, wherever you wind up, the first time you’re back in Phoenix the first peanut butter cup is on me. (That is, as long as the league doesn’t look at that as an added incentive.)

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