Ever wonder what Dan Majerle’s biggest joy, biggest regret and most haunting moment as a member of the Suns are? Would you guess that all three are the same?

The Suns assistant coach sat down with ESPN’s Dan Le Batard and his father on Friday’s edition of “Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable” to answer those exact questions, telling the father-son duo that the 1992-93 season contained all three of those emotions. He explained the season as a whole was the biggest joy of his playing career, and losing to the Chicago Bulls in the Finals was his largest regret that haunts him to this day.

Don’t worry Dan, you’re not alone, most longtime Suns fans would agree with all three of those sentiments. They also would likely agree that the Bulls weren’t the better team that season.

“I think Chicago had more experience,” Majerle told the hosts. “I still think we had the better team. We got back to Game 6. We were up two. John Paxson was left wide open and made a three and that was our season. Those are hard memories to forget. I thought we had a better team. You can’t convince me that they had a better team than we did.”

And you can’t convince us Dan’s brutal honesty mixed with his unmistakable brand of humor don’t make him a fan favorite to this day. Well, that and all those big shots he hit in 1992-93.

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