Day 4

It’s no secret Suns Head Coach Jeff Hornacek is a family man. He ended his NBA career while he still had more than a few miles left on the tires to watch his kids grow, and postponed his second career in coaching so he could see them through high school.

In a generation where the words “husband” and “father” conjure up images of less than stellar examples such as Homer Simpson, Walter White, Peter Griffin and Don Draper, Hornacek is cut from a much different cloth. Think of the television fathers of the ‘80s and ‘90s like Dr. Cliff Huxtable, Danny Tanner, Steven Keaton and Jason Seaver, and you’ll have something closer to the Suns’ coach’s approach.

What does this have to do with Day 4 of the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas? Well, despite being in Sin City, Hornacek took the time to once again remind us that family comes first. After the biggest win in his head coaching career — Okay, it’s a career that consists of just two games, both in summer league — a 24-point comeback that ended on a buzzer beater, Hornacek was nowhere to be found. Don’t worry, it was for a good reason.

Hornacek’s wife and daughter had flown into Las Vegas for the game and instantly became the two biggest Suns fans in the crowd, while sitting just behind the bench. The only issue was they were leaving immediately for the airport after the game’s conclusion. While they enjoyed the Suns’ massive comeback, it also meant that the contest ran longer than it was originally supposed to and the man at the helm of the team just happened to be their ride.

When Marcus Morris hit his 20-foot jumper right in front of the Suns’ bench to win the game, he not only pushed the Suns to 2-0 in Summer League play, but played the role of air traffic controler, too. See, if the game had gone into overtime, Hornacek’s family would have missed their flight. Instead, the ball went through the rim and net smoother than Vin Diesel’s head after a good waxing, allowing the coach to briefly celebrate before leaving to take care of his family duties.

It’s proof that Hornacek is a family man first. Luckily, he views the players and the entire Suns organization as if they are relatives and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to make things work. As long as it doesn’t come at the expense of his wife and kids, that is.

It Must Be the Shoes

Marcus Morris has been sporting shoes in Summer League that can best be described as what a tennis ball would look like if it was left in a nuclear power plant. Thanks to his solid performances in the team’s first two games, don’t expect them to go away anytime soon, though, and for good reason.

“Somebody has got to stand out on the court,” Morris said with a chuckle in reference to his shoes.

The third-year forward said he’d put his foot fashion up against anyone on the team, but that he’d like a pair in orange that include “sparkles” — his words not mine. If he keeps hitting game winning shots, myself and Suns fans around the globe won’t care if he wears a pair of classic British Knights that light up the next time he steps on the court.

Obscure Jersey

One of my favorite hobbies while at a sporting event is trying to spot the most obscure and random jersey a fan is wearing. There is varying criteria that make a jersey truly obscure such as age, popularity of the player now and then and much more.

This jersey hit on all of those and more.

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  • fredrich herdt jr

    lets continue to hope for a decient season and a good begining for our new coach and that he becomes an other cotton fitzsimmons.