Kerr and Gentry are always bouncing ideas off each other.
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Since the advent of fantasy basketball, everybody believes that they can be a GM. Most fans have visions of a man maniacally working deals on the phone and using a staff of MIT grads to crack stats. So in order to dispel all (most) the myths, Suns President of Basketball Operations and GM Steve Kerr told what his days are like.

Day at the Office
The thing with this job is that every day is different and that’s what makes it fun and exciting. There is a lot of stress, though, and I find it important to exercise on a daily basis to keep my mind and my body healthy. So I frequently work out in our locker room, either with our training staff early in the morning or on my own in the evenings. It usually depends on my schedule and possibly the team’s schedule, but one way or another I need to break a sweat – it keeps me going.

I frequently have morning meetings. Every Wednesday I take part in revenue meetings with all of the managers from different departments. I also have a radio show once a week on Sports 620 KTAR. It’s important to maintain communication with our fans, so I try to do that both through the radio and with conversations with people on the street or in the stands at our home games. I like hearing what our fans think of our team.

Every day, I have about 30 or 40 e-mails to respond to, whether they’re from the media or the NBA. I receive a ton of memos from the league involving anything from a player fine to a directive to our team about a uniform violation. I also will communicate directly with the league any time we have questions about rules or officiating. For example, after last week’s game with Orlando when the officials looked over instant replay and reset the game clock at the very end of the game, I called Stu Jackson to discuss the issue. Given that the instant replay rules are new this year, there was some confusion on everyone’s part as to what the actual letter of the law states regarding clock resetting.

The league has done a good job of giving teams the ability to communicate with them directly when it comes to the officiating. We frequently use a website where you can link up and send a disputed play into the league office, and they always send us a response immediately. Between issues like that or conversations with agents or other general managers, there’s a ton of correspondence in this job. I’m on the phone and on my computer all day.

I read the NBA box scores every night after all the games are played then I come in and read Hoops Hype in the mornings, because I like to know what’s going on around the league, just like everybody else. I also read our own newspaper clips, so that I’m aware of what our coaches and players are saying to the media. Generally speaking our guys do a great job of being professional and communicating well with the media, but it’s good to keep an eye on all of that stuff.

Today I’m going to watch the two tapes of Taylor Griffin’s games in Iowa when he played with the Energy, our D-League affiliate. I like the development opportunity the D-League provides for young players like Taylor, and we’ll definitely send him to Des Moines again for more playing time. I just got off the phone with Iowa’s head coach, Nick Nurse, to get his evaluation on how Taylor played.

A lot of time after work I’ll have a dinner engagement with some of the scouting guys or Griff (Vice President of Basketball Operations David Griffin) or Alvin (Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry) or a sponsor. Or I’ll just head home. If I miss my workout in the morning, I’ll exercise in the evenings and then head home.

  • jeff chronister

    I had a couple of questions and a comment. First question is,do you or any of the players read the comments posted by the fans on planet orange? My second question is with the almost inevitable likelyhood that the nets will win the #1 pick in the 2010 nba draft and select john wall,would the suns consider trading for devin harris since wall being drafted by the nets means that he’ll lose his position to the star college pointguard? We could send them barbosa and tucker which works salary wise and we could sell them on this because barbosa would be an excellent backup to wall. Meanwhile,for us we get devin harris who in our offense could be a perennial all-star once nash retires and could be a bigger,more explosive kevin johnson type of player for the suns. Goran would take leandro’s place as backup to harris or play alongside of him at the two. I could envision a starting lineup a couple years from now of harris,richardson,clark,amare and frye which would be unstoppable offensively and athletically. My last comment is this, All the suns fans wish we had our 2010 first rounder back so we could select or try and move up to select evan turner. I would hope that we turn our full attention to free-agency and the 2011 draft because we are one quality free-agent aquisition from challenging the lakers next year. With regards to the 2011 draft we need to watch two players,marshall’s hassan whiteside who had a triple double in points,rebounds,and blocks. Whiteside has the potential to be a dwight howard type of center down the road and the other guy we need to keep an eye on is baylor’s perry jones. Jones is almost identical in build an skill-level to kevin durant. If we can be really aggressive by the time the trade deadline rolls around we can snag one of the above mentioned players and be a contending team by next season. It all could start with a trade that nets us a young potential all-star pointguard in devin harris. It’s only a matter of time before he’s replaced by wall and this would definitely give us nash’s replacement while he learns how to become an elite playmaker behind steve. I’m sorry about the ridiculously long post but this had to be said,devin harris is a perfect fit for our team and we need to get him so we can leap frog the lakers in the second half of the season. Only you can get this done Mr. kerr, if you honestly read this and give it some thought you’ll see that i’m right.


    Steve, nice job this year with the chemistry situation. Problem still exsists however with “wanting it bad enough to sacrifice” theroy of play. Portland was a huge let down for us fans. Suns need more dicipline when we have a lead. Were the kings of the “other teams” but when were talking about the elite, Suns are not quite up to par. The talent is there, it’s the mental game were lacking.

  • Qwigglez

    Jeff, keep to your day job and Kerr will stick to his. ;)

  • Jay

    Jeff, what the heck are you saying. Trade Barbosa, are you nuts. Do you know what he has done for us. The man averaged 19 points for an entire season coming off the bench. Also, not to mention the 100′s of game winning or cluctch shots he has hit for us time and time again. You want to send this type of player off. I know you are a Phoenix fan, but do me a favor, don’t ever mention anything about trades or anything else. I love this team that we got this year. They are a little rough around some edges but they are coming around and gelling. We are that close. Many of the games that we lossed, I do not blame this team. In many ways I look at Coach Gentry. I think he needs to do a little bit better of a job of making sure the team that we have on the floor is matching up well against the opponets. I love how he is getting everyone to buy into the sytem and playing together. We have an excellent chance this year. We do not need any changes!!!

  • Tom Ballantyne, aka Shooter

    Good work, Steve. Great work by all in Saturday’s impressive win, as well. Also, nice post, Jeff. I have to disagree about Devin Harris, however. My money is on Gogi (Dragic). He has come so far so fast that both my wife and I thought he was Nash several times on Saturday. (If you haven’t already done so, you should check out his pre-draft videos on the Sun’s website.) Not only is he obviously a fast learner, but he has star quality. He is also hugely athletic. Witness the time he slashed to the basket and scored over the top of Brendon Haywood Saturday with effortless ease. He will be a star in this league. Write it down.


  • David Sandoval


  • Jin

    Harris for Barbosa is luda. Dragic has now shown what he can do, sprinkle in some experience, add a dash of extra confidence, and put in some hard work and Boom! no need to trade for a Point Guard without the expense of losing Barbosa. Just look at how much we miss Barbosa coming off the bench right now. I would guarantee that we would have won a few games if he was healthy. The Suns need to continue building this team chemistry once Nash is out so by trading our players like basketball cards won’t help much.

  • jeff chronister

    I can understand everyone wanting to keep leandro,he’s a great character guy and yes he’s done alot for this team over the years . Barbosa and harris are essentially the same player on offense but harris could end up being a better passer and ball-handler in the long run. If dragic keeps improving then there will be no need to worry about who can take over for nash when he retires. Dragic has to become a better playmaker though. Again, i’m not trying to take anything away from barbosa,he may still become an all-star player and develop better ball-handling and passing abilities in the near future. it wouldn’t hurt us to keep our options openand see what’s being offered. We have some good young pieces in dragic,clark,dudley,amundson and frye and with amare’s past injuries barbosa would be our best offer for a major talent or a lottery pick.regardless of wether a move needs to be made or not we’re still one or two key players away from contending with the lakers,celtics,and cavs. Yes we have a good bench but all those teams mentioned still have more depth than we do right now and bigger frontlines. Until we address those problems we can’t beat these teams in the playoffs. I’m not going to disagree with anything that you guys have said, i can respect your opinions and if i’m wrong about what i wrote then so be it. I just think that harris’s type of game would flourish in our offense and that he could help us neutralize the problems we’ve had the last couple of years with guys like chris paul,deron williams and other top pointguards not named steve nash. my intention wasn’t to upset anyone with this suggested trade, there’s still alot of games left to be played before the playoffs start and anything’s possible.

  • jay

    Thankyou Jin,

    What the heck is he thinking. Is he watching and supporting the same team as us???