(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

Watching the Suns celebrate Thanksgiving a day early by gorging themselves on turkey, the question that naturally came to mind was: Has their home schedule been front-loaded with stiffs, or are the Suns simply so good they just make it seem that way?

The answer probably is “somewhere in between.” (Don’t you just hate wishy-washy answers like that?)

Two things we do know for sure: One, the teams the Suns have faced here in their 6-0 start are a combined of 30-61, and two, the Suns’ average margin of victory has been a misleadingly low 13.6 points.

I say “misleading” because the Suns are actually making it look a lot easier than that. Wednesday’s margin, for instance, was 15, but they actually led by 26 and probably could have won by 36 had Coach Alvin been so inclined.

The astronomical numbers are rivaled only by the devastating ease with which they are putting them up. In the third period, for example, they shot 85 per cent from the field (17 of 20). Amare Stoudemire had 18 of his 28 points in the period and Steve Nash had 8 of his 16 assists. Even coasting, they still hit 62 per cent from the field on the night, including 9 of 17 threes.

The pattern last night followed that of the previous five home games —the visitors hang with the Suns for a decent spell, and then, blooey! Actually, “blooey” doesn’t quite get it. Make it BLOOEY!!!

The Grizzlies were feeling pretty good about themselves at 47-47 with some four minutes to play in the second period, but the Suns hit them a 13-2 the rest of the half, and blew them clear away with that above mentioned third period firestorm, and the rest, as they say, was history. And so were the Grizzlies.

What we’re seeing, at least here in the early going, is just how many weapons the Suns have in their arsenal. And while the offense has been making so much noise you can’t hear the defense, the “D” hasn’t been too shabby either. I know they rank near the bottom of the league in points allowed, but that’s a notoriously unreliable measure of  defense because it more often than not is due as much to slow “O” as good “D”.

More reliable barometers are point differential and stops with game on the line – two areas which the Suns fare well in.  Witness the number of fourth-period comebacks they’ve mounted en route to their league-best 12-3 record.

The bottom line: For whatever reason, the Suns are not only unbeatable at home, but have looked unbeatable.

  • http://www.nba.com João Vicente

    Hi, I’m from Brazil, and I’m a big fan of the Suns… well, congratulations for the great start, I’m glad with the results!!! Everybody is asking about the reason of this good streak of victories, and I just want to thank Nash to start playing again as a MVP, he’s big part of the team’s improvement. the coach is doing a good job, because he forgot to emphasize defense and it’s playin a good ofense, because is hard to play a good defense with these players on the floor… but who needs defense with this many points scored?? But one thin we can’t foget about is REBOUNDING!!! Because every game I look the boxscore I see suns 29 rebounds; “rival” 48 rb… if the team improve on it, I’m sure we’ll see the celtics in the FINALS… Sorry being too long, but My best wishes to you guys!!! Let’s go SUNS!!!


    Joe, it’s as if our Suns are allowing teams to look good for the first 10 min. of the opening quarter, then demoralizing them by pulling even at the end of the period. The Grizzlies played their hearts out only to look up at the scoreboard and find themselves even as the opening buzzer sounded after frankly the Suns played lousy to that point. I believe if Lopez comes back and plays anywhere above average in the rebounding dept. were a top 3 team in the league. Suns have so many ways to score and the bench can now hold or as the case has been so far expand a lead it makes the opposition dizzy. Throw in the fact that our guys have bought into the defense when it counts scheme and you have a dangerous combination. Is it good enough to beat the Lakers in a seven game series? I think we may find out this year.


    I know, it’s the Timberwolves already!!! Put that aside and tell me Robin Lopez didn’t put a smile on every Suns fans face. He showed just what we need, a center who can move around the basket and rebound, not to mention guarding a certain Mr. Bynum. I liked our concentration against a team that is way below the Suns level. Amare showed early why he will always be a question mark when it comes to “star” status, but he came back in the second half and did a nice job. This was a good, sound win against a team were expected to beat.


    An almost ugly first half against the Raptors Joe. Our Suns always have a dislike for “early” afternoon games. In what’s becoming our “thing”, this year, we let the Raptors “believe” they were actually in the game before pressing the fast forward button. It’s like, don’t look now but were 15 ahead of you. At least Amare has matured enough to laugh off the non flagrant foul called against him. Wonder if Toronto players will be missing a few games for coming off the bench? Oh, thats right, that NBA rule only applies to Arizona players, how silly of me. JRich is sure proving he is everything we thought. On to the BIG APPLE, are the Knicks still a pro team? Now thats funny!!!


    Stop the presses folks, the talk of the NBA, Phoenix Suns just got leveled by of all teams the UGH!!! Knicks. It might as well have been the Nets, the two of them are pretty much pea’s in a pod this year. The Knicks mind you, with “no defense required” Di’Antoni as their coach, winners of a whole 3 games. We just didn’t get beat, we were humiliated, didn’t even score 100 for the first time this season while giving up 126, to the KNICKS!!! Remember when Floyd Patterson put on a disquise after being knocked out by Liston in like 26 seconds? After this game the Suns should be looking for a place to hide. Floyd you still have those masks?


    Joe, it’s not even offically over yet in Cleveland and I already felt the planet tip on it’s axis. All the Suns fans jumping off the bandwagon at the same time. It only took two games for the darlings of the NBA to go from wonder to blunder. We all expected some bumps along the way and would have accepted them with a fight, but these last games were a punch in the guts to every fan who believed this Suns team would never lay down. Sure I’m a fan, always will be but right now even I’m wondering why.