This was one of those man-bites-dog stories! I mean, when’s the last time the Suns destroyed a team with their defense? Besides the Suns, I mean.

Five years ago? Ten years ago? Never?

Okay, so I exaggerate a tad. But that’s to be expected when they follow up one of their worst defensive efforts in this or any other year against Philadelphia with one of their best.

The numbers were remarkable enough. Opponents season low first quarter this season (14). Opponents season low second quarter (18), opponents season low half (32), opponents season low game (75). And that last by a whopping 13!!

But what was really impressive was that they actually ATTACKED on defense right from the opening tip. They pressured the ball, jammed the traffic lanes, and used double teams effectively in the process of completely disrupting the flow of the Detroit offense.

Granted, the flow of the Detroit offense is not exactly a flood even at high tide, but still it was gratifying to see the hard work the Suns have been putting in on “D” in practice finally show some results.

Obviously this is one game, and the Suns haven’t morphed into the Celtics overnight. But at the very least it showed that they can play SOME defense when they put their minds to it. And give Coach Alvin and his staff credit getting the message across and making some subtle adjustments in rotation and defensive tempo.

  • JAS

    Oh no!!! Does losing to the worst team in the NBA (Kings) now give our Suns that dubious honor? Whatever the case we are now officially bad. Maybe if Nash shaved our Suns could still be considered well groomed? Hey, it’s something, you know like when the Suns were at least exciting and a bit of a novelty? It seems just like yesterday. Truthfully, other than the fact that we now have upteen players fighting for the same two positions our Suns shouldn’t be this terrible. What is it? No superstar!!! No playing defense ALL THE TIME not just a quarter or two. I like Gentry but if he can’t instill a sense of pride, sorry but goodbye.

  • PaulPinewood

    There is no defence again. Phoenix doesn’t care about rebounds, especially offensive rebs. Good defence always helps, but if attack is poor just like in Sacramento was, there is a huge problem. But there are two shining suns still: Steve (100 % of FG shots) and Marcin (playing on good percentage and fighting in defence). Rest of the team needs more shooting and defence practice in my opinion.

    They have to know better each other as they are completely a new team after the Orlando trade, so we don’t need to panic. Time is on Suns side.