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Jason Richardson has always been a sizzling performer on the basketball court, but now the eight-year veteran is extending his talents into another arena.

Richardson, who is a gigantic music fan, began taking DJ lessons over the summer. The 6-6 guard has been attending the Scratch DJ Academy, which has locations in New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

“I always loved trying to DJ,” Richardson told Fox Sports. “I’ve been trying to do for the last seven or eight years and I guess this summer I got kind of serious with it.”

DJ Hapa, who has been overseeing Richardson’s development on the turntables, believes that his athletic background gives him an advantage over other novices.

“It’s that discipline that they have from sports that translates over to music,” DJ Hapa told to Fox Sports. “He actually picked it up really, really fast. I think being an athlete helps because I think his timing is really good as an athlete.”

Instead of going by “DJ 50-inch Vertical” or “DJ 360,” Richardson has chosen the moniker “DJ Factor” for himself. He chose the stage name because one of his former teammates in Golden State called him “The Factor.”

If you would like to see DJ Factor in action, and perhaps book him for your next event (kidding), check out the video above.

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