The phrase “it’s a small world” has been proven time and time again. It’s apparently even smaller when you’re from Slovenia a country of only has 2 million citizens.

The latest example of this old adage hit close to home as Suns point guard Goran Dragic got a chance to meet up with fellow Slovenian sports star Anze Kopitar, of the Los Angeles Kings, in California. The two met up at the Kings training facility in El Segundo during a recent trip Dragic took. caught up with Dragic to talk to him about Kopitar and his own hockey skills.

Q: How are you at hockey?
A: When I was young I skated a bit, and I played hockey out on the pond with my friends. But I never played hockey for real, I’m not a great hockey player. But still it’s a really fun sport to play, and sometimes when I have the opportunity to I’m playing on the lake with my friends.

We’re glad Goran never learned how to play hockey at a competitive level. It could have meant he never found his way to the warm climate of Phoenix and US Airways Center and instead spent his time on the cold ice of another city.

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