If you’re a lifelong Suns fan you probably remember the small-in-stature guard with the larger-than-life socks who played for the team in the mid ‘90s. That guard was Memphis native Elliot Perry who was known for his love of tube socks — or at least desire to wear them on the court — during his three seasons in Phoenix, but it is his love of African American art that is gaining him attention in retirement.

Perry will be the special guest of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC later this month to talk about his collection of African American art and art of the African diaspora. He will appear on a panel with fellow NBA alumni Darrell Walker to discuss the subject with Michael D. Harris, who is the associate professor of art history and African American studies at Emory University. The event is in recognition of National African American History Month.

For more information on Perry’s appearance, African American art and the National Gallery of Art visit the nga.gov or follow them on Twitter, twitter.com/ngadc, or on Facebook, facebook.com/NationalGalleryofArt.

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