Gentry with his son, Jack, on the team charter.

Most kids this time of year go to the beach for Spring Break. But if you are Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry’s kids, you go to Sacramento.

Ryan Gentry, who is 13 years old, and Jack Gentry, who is 10 years old, both accompanied their father on the Suns’ road trip to Sacramento. It was the second such trip they’ve taken with their dad this year.

The previous one was a Suns’ road trip to Denver. Coming back to school and telling your friends that you hung out with Steve Nash and Grant Hill during your time off is not a bad look.

“I love having them with me,” Gentry said. “It’s great for them to be around all of the guys. They shagged balls and shot baskets with the guys, so they like that.”

For an NBA head coach, it’s difficult to spend a ton of time with your kids during the season, so Gentry is relishing the time. Last night they went out to dinner and watched a movie.

And although the kids are on spring break, they took a little of their free time to teach their dad a few lessons of their own.

“They tried to teach me video games that I’m not really capable of playing, so it’s been a real good time,” Gentry said.

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