Sadly, Suns Head Athletic Trainer (and Steelers fan) Aaron Nelson will not have tickets to the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry brought him a fancy, new jacket. Can the Steelers bring him another NFL championship?

Like the rest of Steelers Nation who won’t be at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas for Sunday’s Super Bowl, Suns Head Athletic Trainer Aaron Nelson will be firmly affixed to his television set as Pittsburgh takes on the Green Bay Packers.

The only thing is he’ll be doing it in San Francisco, as the Suns prepare for Monday’s road game at Golden State.

“Aaron can’t make the game, but we’ll all be glued in,” said Gentry, who is picking the Steelers Sunday. “If he wouldn’t have to come all the way out from Dallas to San Francisco, I guarantee he would go.

“I think he had more fun going to the AFC Championship game right there at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. He had more fun going to that than he would the Super Bowl.”

Unlike he and Assistant Athletic Trainer Tom Maystadt’s turnaround trip east to the conference championship game two weeks ago, frigid winter weather shouldn’t be an issue for Nelson this weekend. But even if it is, now he has a new jacket (courtesy of the Suns’ head coach) to battle the elements and show support for his favorite NFL team.

“I saw a great jacket for him,” Gentry said. “It was something he just had to have. It has all the Steelers’ Super Bowl championships listed on the sleeves. It makes him look like a nice high school football player (laughs). He’s the biggest Steelers fan in the world.” 

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