I don’t believe in luck, except to say I think you have to be a little lucky to win an NBA
Title! At least lucky enough anyway to be ready, rolling at the right time.

Last season, the Miami Heat got hot late in the season, peaked going into the playoffs and assisted by the Dallas Mavericks a team that gave the finals away. They are now the defending NBA Champs!

In 1977 The Portland Trailblazers got an amazing season, an unusually healthy year from Bill Walton and won their only title. The Sonics in the finals for a second season in a row, won their only championship in 1979, just in time before Magic and Bird made their entry and set up a Celtic and Lakers Domination for a decade.

In 1994 and 1995 the Houston Rockets won back to back titles after Michael Jordan left the game to pursue a baseball career. Lucky Huh!!!

The Suns in 1976 and 1993 came so close to winning it all. Yet, in my estimation they are still the best franchise to have never won an NBA Title.

Two seasons ago who knows, what if Joe Johnson hadn’t had his face re-arranged on the floor? What if Amaré hadn’t been shelved by his knee surgery? The Suns with a little luck might have captured two NBA Trophies!

All right, at least one!

It’s been said that luck is the “residue of design.” The Suns have the design, the plan with which to get it done, now they need a break in the luck department. The Suns are the most exciting team in basketball!

Broadcasters from other teams continually come up to me and say, “How much fun is it to broadcast this team.” The biggest problem we have is finding enough adjectives to describe what we see!! These Suns are the best show in the NBA. Can the league’s best show win it all?!

Stay Tuned!


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