I’ve got a mound of work waiting for me when I reconnect to the Internet on the ground, but for the moment I’m looking out the window wrestling with a strange feeling.

For the first time in my life, I’m glad to be leaving Texas.

My conversion to a Phoenix Suns fan is nearly complete. I know ahead of us is a long day of listening to people worry about the Suns’ chances but looking around this cabin, I find comfort in the team I’ve followed all season.

There are no hanging heads or pointing fingers. The same group that was playing cards on the way to San Antonio is enjoyng the same game on the red eye back home. DVD players are still lit up with the latest movie releases and every few minutes a laugh will cut through the flight noise. Panic? No thanks.

The Spurs did what the Spurs have done for years – find a way to win. In Game 1 they used a comeback fueled by big shots. In Game 2, it was hack-a-Shaq and oppessive defense. It’s nothing new.

But now we’re headed to the place where the Suns have their own bag of tricks. It’s time for the Suns to do what they did __ in the regular season. Defend their home.

I can already hear some of you saying, “But the Spurs are too hard to beat.”

Tell that to the 2004 Los Angeles Lakers. The group of veteren stars (sound familiar?) fell down 0-2 to the defending NBA champion Spurs (sound very familiar?) and headed back to the Staples center where they decided the Spurs would get no closer to the trophy.

Tell that to the 2005 Detroit Pistons. They also stumbled out of the gate in San Antonio and flew to Detroit with their backs against an 0-2 wall. They answered the challenge and evened things up with two convincing wins.

Oh yeah, and tell that to the 2008 Phoenix Suns.

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