It’s always good to catch up with an old friend.

When you haven’t seen them in years there is nothing like spending time getting reacquainted and reminiscing about the good old days. Sure, things feel different and even a little odd at times but, even if things are not quite like you remembered it, it’s still fun to see them again.

That’s how this season has been as a Suns fan. It had been over a decade since we had last seen the jersey with the sunburst on the front of them. For ten glorious games, regardless of results, the black jerseys that were made popular in the 1990s made a bigger comeback than snapback hats and the economy combined.

Even if every time I looked up and saw No. 2, No. 3 or No. 11 on the court and instinctively thought of Elliot Perry, Rex Chapman and Wes Person rather than Wes Johnson, Jared Dudley and Markieff Morris, it was still great to have them back. Unlike throwbacks that other teams pull out from time to time, the Suns black jerseys didn’t feel dated or forced. They were timeless and unique. A design that could be worn every game in the league and no one would ever question it or think they looked out of place.

The uniforms, every time they were worn on the court, instantly acted like a Delorean going 88 miles per hour for my mind. They transported me back to a time when I fell in love with the team as a young boy. Visions of Kevin Johnson dishing to Charles Barkley for the slam ran through my mind. Memories of Perry’s knee-high socks, Jason Kidd’s platinum blonde hair and the promise of Backcourt 2000 came rushing back. They reminded me of why I’m a fan and while the names on the back of the jerseys come and go the name on the front is always the same — although the font may change — and it is what you truly root for.

Like all good reunions though, they have to come to an end. Living in the past can’t last forever and eventually everyone has to move on. It was excellent to have the greatest of all-time back in the US Airways Center again even if it was for a limited time only.

If Saturday night was the last time we ever see the hardwood classic jerseys worn on the court, it was a true pleasure to get to catch up with our old friend, make some new memories and relive some old ones. Thanks for the great ride and here’s to having another chance to catch up sometime in the future. Let’s just not make it over a decade before we catch up again.

About Greg Esposito

Hi, my name is Greg Esposito, my friends call me Espo and I’m a Phoenix Suns-aholic. I also happen to be the team's Social Media Specialist as well as one of the online content creators. You'll find my sarcastic musings here on as the Suns Retorter.

  • Mike DeVita

    Great memories seeing the old uni’s. I have the same memories Greg.

  • Jose Mauricio Valles

    Great article! Spoken from the heart!

  • Christian Erickson

    this is so corny its embarrassing to old fans & truly an insult to the great players who wore these not-so-spectacular unis in the first place. maybe think about WINNING first & maybe we will care about this peripheral junk. fashion. GIVE US A BREAK SARVER! besides the real OGs are peerless & these post-VMC duds are BEAT as hell.

  • Fawn Becker

    Sarver, get off ur cheap azz and pay some good players so we can have something to cheer about or at the very least, have some form of hope for a decent team that can at least compete. Its hard to feel bad for a team whenh the owner is nothing but a cheap azz trying to maximize every dollar of profit he can. He has destroyed this team. Colangelo always cared and put together a good squad year after year…alll Sarvers done is try and spend as little as possible and hope fans will continue to show up. Sorry, it doesnt work that way. If I spend my money to come watch, you spend your money to put out a decent product on the floor. As a long time Suns fan its frustrating. Sarver, pay to get good players, assemble a good team and the fans will come and even respect you as a businessman and owner. Do the research, you pay the players and assemble a good team, fans will come, jerseys and Suns products will sell and your botom line will be just as good as cutting all your costs because in turn it kills your revenue beause noone wants to come watch, especially in Phx where the fans are fairweather as they come. Figure it out Sarver, please!!!!

  • chuck

    Some people should not even concider themshelfs a Suns Fan with the stupid remarks thay type here, no names, you know who you are. And hey Suns, bring back the ol jerseys, I hated seeing them leave the first time.

  • CJ Shaw


  • CJ Shaw

    Great little write-up Greg. I loved those old jersey’s regardless of WHO the players names are, I think it was a great thing bringing these throwback jerseys out for a few games, and perhaps should be done annually. I just hope the Suns can get back on the winning side next year. Either way, I’ll always cheer for you PHOENIX SUNS :)

  • Grant

    Sure, Fawn. Colangelo always had a good team. Like the 28-54 1987-88 team. Or the 36-46 2001-02 team. Oh, and the 29-53 2003-04 team was amazing! Yeah, that Mr. Colangelo always had our backs. He never had a bad team when he was here. And he won so many rings for those fans too! I can hardly hold my hand up because of all those replica rings I got as a fan while Mr. Colangelo was around. He never let fan favorites go to get other players. Dan Majerle was always a Sun. Same with Barkley. And his guys were always good guys with no off-the-court problems. He never had to try and figure out how to deal with a drug scandal or a player getting arrested for domestic violence.

    Ah, the good ol’ days of Colangelo. Where the teams always had good records, always won championships and where we had (and kept) the best players who were model specimens of a human being.

  • Boris

    I have no problem with Suns tanking the season, as long as we stick with the rebuilding process. What that means is that I don’t want to see another signing of a mediocre FA (Childress, Beasley) to keep our playoff hopes high, just to see them miss the playoffs by a spot and get another Clark/Marshall “talent” in the summer draft. If we’re gonna do this let’s go all the way – get rid of washed up vets and draft real young talent that we can stand behind and watch them grow.

  • Philip Shultz

    We need to draft Oladipo and have Frye come back next season and things should start looking up. Just be patient as a true Suns fan should be.

  • Philip Shultz

    Yes Fawn & Grant are right, giving the fans something to cheer about and have hope for doesn’t hurt either, though unfortunately it can’t happen with the snap of a finger…I wish it could as I have followed this team for 25 years now. Please people that can do something about our team situation, read this and respond.


    This is and has been a very disappointing season. I’ve come to the point I cannot even watch the complete game on Fox AZ sports anymore. I don’t think the players have given up, its just the talent level to beat other teams simply is not here. Just hope we get a great coach and some great players next season. If not..more of the same!!