By the looks of the recipe and Goran Dragic’s description of his mother’s lasagna, you can’t blame him if he’s a bit of a mama’s boy. recently caught up with the Suns’ new starting point guard to find out his choice for the best meal ever.

Dragic’s review of his mother’s beef and vegetable lasagna are phenomenal not only because of the recipe itself, but also because of the memories he has of growing up in Slovenia with his mother, father, grandfather, grandmother and brother around him at the dinner table.

Livestrong also found a nutrition expert to explain the health benefits behind the full meal he used to eat when his mother cooked this particular dish.

The sad part is that Dragic admitted he doesn’t get to eat this very often anymore because of his mother maintaining her residence in Slovenia. While Dragic is perfect for handling the ball on the court, he confesses to not being as well suited in the kitchen. That poses a little problem with his mother and her lasagna being half a world away.

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