“It’s going to be fun to watch, I’ll tell you that. So you guys stay tuned.” – Amare Stoudemire

I sit here with a dilemma, one that I am sure many of you have faced before and if not, you will likely face it at some point in the near future.

Amaré Stoudemire predicts a great game on Wednesday, but worth missing Bubby’s birthday?
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As a Suns fan, I make it a point to watch every game I possibly can. It helps to be working for the team as part of the Game Night staff because I am “forced” to be at every home game. Hey, a guy has to be able to pay the bills, right? Anyway, back to my dilemma. My problem here is that I have to decide between my family and my favorite basketball team.

As any good Suns fan would know, the team plays in Dallas against the Mavericks on Wednesday. The game is a nationally televised one on ESPN, and I think everyone can agree that it is likely to be a great game. I was all set to watch the game as I had the day off from everything else that I would possibly have to do. Then, out of nowhere, a birthday struck. Like a flailing Kobe Bryant arm, it hit me square in the face and left me in a state of shock.

The birthday belongs to my grandmother on my father’s side, a woman that my brothers and I affectionately call “Bubby.” It is her 73rd birthday and the family is planning on going out to dinner to celebrate. Of course, with my dad being the one to coordinate the evening he is doing the best he can to work around the game for me. But with the 6 p.m. tip-off, I have a bad feeling that there is nothing he can do. This leads to the inevitable thought: How rude is it to schedule a birthday on the day of one of the biggest and best games of the season?

It has been suggested to me that I record the game on my DVR and watch it later, but that would mean I have to leave my cell phone off the entire night and when I get home I would have to avoid my computer and make sure the only thing I watch on TV is the recording of the game. To be perfectly honest with you that is something that I am just not capable of. I am the type of person that has to know what happened when it happened, period.

Does this make me a bad son, grandson, or even a bad person? Is there something seriously wrong with me because I feel torn on whether to celebrate with my family or watch the Suns on TV? I’m not sure. You may have already decided about me, but when you think about it, have there been times where you have missed things that were probably important just so you could watch a Suns (or any team, really) game? If your answer is “yes,” then go back to the first sentence of this paragraph and tell me what you think. If your answer is “no,” then I think you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really a Suns fan.

Amaré is right: the game should be fun to watch. The question becomes: will I be there to watch it?

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