A lot has been made of what Grant Hill might do when he eventually hangs up the sneakers and calls it a career. Basketball executive, company CEO and politician have all made it on the shortlist at one time or another, but music video star hasn’t ever been included. That is, until now.

While many could describe Hill’s basketball career as a mixture of R&B (rhythm and blues), it’s his wife of 15 years, songstress Tamia, who has made a career out of it. Their professional worlds collided for the first time earlier this year as Grant starred in the music video to the single “Beautiful Surprise” from the forthcoming album of the same name.

“After 15 years I get to work with my husband, so ahh…not a lot of acting there,” Tamia told SingersRoom.com about her video and real life love interest Hill.

There may not have been a lot of acting but there certainly were plenty of jokes. As the behind the scenes look from SingersRoom.com shows, Grant made sure to display his personality and keep the shoot light – much like he does in the Suns’ locker room.

But will Hill’s music video career be like many in college basketball, one and done? That’s yet to be seen. What we do know is it’s yet another element in his already impressive repertoire.

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