Nash and the Suns will try to right the ship when they play the Lakers in L.A. on Thursday night.
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The Suns aren’t in trouble or destined for failure this season, but it is a “gut-check” time for them. The loss to the Clippers Tuesday night gives the Suns the dubious distinction of losing to three teams in last place in their respective divisions….Miami, Minnesota and the Clips. The good new is…Dallas and San Antonio are going through their own travails.

So what’s going on with the Suns? I once was told by a very respected coach that players don’t deal with reality. Quite frankly they don’t always look at the “big picture”. They don’t suffer the short term consequences like coaches do. Players assume that the window of opportunity always remains open, when in fact a team may never find themselves positioned as well as the previous season to make a run for the title.

This is still, at times, the most exciting team in the NBA, and there is enough talent to win it all. But…the players need to know you can’t just throw on a switch in April and expect to go to a different level. The switch the Suns need to throw right now is the one marked intensity or energy.

How important is the regular season? Most players will tell that how they play in April, counts. But. it looks like the Suns could in effect lose a seeding spot or home court advantage the way they’re going now!

Some questions:

    • How long will it take Grant Hill to recover from surgery?
    • Why can’t Boris Diaw play like he did last week against Milwaukee?
    • Why does Shawn Marion disappear at times?
    • Can Raja Bell ever get healthy?
    • Will Amare Stoudemire stop worrying about his playing out of position at center?
    • Can Steve Nash continue at his remarkable pace?

Selfishly, we as broadcasters want the Suns to play well, because we “sound better” when they do! A struggling team brings criticism to all associated with it, including Tom, Eddie, Dan and yours truly. We are all spoiled, as the Suns Success these many seasons has been remarkable. Sometimes, we the media, are criticized for creating a crisis, a story for all to react.

This blog isn’t suggesting a crisis is at hand, but just a concern about where the Suns are as we approach the halfway-point of the season.

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