<”Thunder” Dan Majerle has spent the past several years as a Phoenix Suns broadcaster.� But one thing he hasn’t lost during the time spent sitting in the broadcast booth is his shooting touch.

Dan Majerle still has the shooting touch.
(Daniel Banks/Suns.com)

You may recall the Suns Gametime clip on Majerle’s pregame half-court shot. Even ESPN’s show “Pardon the Interruption” discussed the pregame ritual.

On Monday morning, several of the assistant coaches were working out a draft entrant and Majerle decided to take a few shots while there was some downtime. Suns GM Steve Kerr, SVP of Basketball Operations David Griffin, Head Coach Terry Porter and others were sitting on the other side of the court discussing something when they saw Majerle start shooting. Of course, they couldn’t let him take shots at the basket without getting in a few “shots” of their own.

Someone shouted to new Assistant Coach Igor Kokoskov, “Let’s see Dan shoot off the dribble!” And the official ribbing began. Majerle kept shooting the ball as various people shouted comments, including “He’s only worth a minimum contract” and “Minimum contract? Maybe a 10-day, non-guaranteed contract at best!”

Soon after the workout ended, I spoke with Kerr and Griffin about Majerle’s shooting. Specifically, I asked who shot better while playing in the NBA: Dan or Steve. Kerr actually took a couple of steps back and said, “What kind of question is that?!” Griffin answered for Kerr when he commented, “Dan was to Steve as a shooter as Steve was to Dan as a defender.”

I caught up with Majerle a few minutes later and asked him about his shooting practice and whether he thought he could still compete in the NBA if he only had to shoot. “Shooting never goes away,” he said. “If I didn’t have to run or play defense, I could probably be an All-Star. It’s all of the other skills that go away when you get up in age.”

Jeramie McPeek, VP of Interactive Services, proposed a shooting contest between Majerle, Kerr and Porter while we were watching the workout. I brought this idea up to Dan. He said, “That would be a fun contest. We should put that together before the end of the season.” I asked him to let Suns.com know if they ever did something like that so we could film it and the results could be part of Phoenix Suns lore. He assured me he would.

So here’s the question to you, Suns fans: Who do you think would win in a contest between Dan Majerle, Steve Kerr and Terry Porter? Why?

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