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Suns forward Grant Hill is listed as probable for tomorrow night’s home game against the Timberwolves.

After falling and hitting the back of his head on the floor with 5:14 left in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the Hornets, the seven-time All-Star remained on the bench for a few minutes before heading back to the locker room so he could be tested for a concussion. Shortly afterwards, Hill returned home to nurse his headache.

“You know the whole thing with hitting your head is the first 24 hours,” Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry said. “They (Suns medical staff) monitored him last night. He feels fine, looks good, but just has a little bit of a headache because he hit the floor pretty hard.”

Hill was being guarded by the Hornets’ Julian Wright as he dribble-drove to the basket from the right side of the court. New Orleans’ Marcus Thornton rotated over and blocked Hill as the 15-year veteran went tumbling to the floor.

Suns head athletic trainer Aaron Nelson performed some basic tests on the floor to determine whether
Hill had sustained a concussion and Hill checked out just fine. Hill then walked to the bench unassisted, remaining there for a few minutes.

“I wanted to stay on the sidelines so I could yell at the refs a few times before I went in the back,” Hill said.

At practice Monday, he didn’t participate for precautionary reasons. As of after practice, the only difficulty he was having was a headache and some soreness in the neck and back.

“I want to play but if it’s not right then I’ll wait,” Hill said. But I think it’ll be fine. A lot of times with any kind of injury, it’s always the next day and how you feel when you wake up.”

Gentry believes that Hill will be ready to go tomorrow.

“As long as he’s not cheering for North Carolina or anything crazy like that, then we’ll know he’s fine to play tomorrow,” Gentry said of the Duke standout.

  • terry SUTTON

    hope you are ok us have been playing great terryg


    I was at the game and believe me you could hear Grant’s head hit the wood all the way up to the “cheap” seats where of course we were. It was a heart stopping moment before he moved and walked to the bench. The calls were unbelievable, even if your objective. Somewhere along the line this officiating in the NBA is going to have to be dealt with. Does it have to spiral down to wrestling? Do we fans really appear that dumb to the owners?

  • Mark Kassir

    There definitely was body contact on that play, I don’t understand how the refs did not call it.

  • http://doeproductionsinc.com Tim Tate

    My prayers are with you…..

  • Gary in SD

    It was very scary to watch. Been there/done that myself and still feel it 23 years later. Personally I would not mind to see him sit tonight’s game out. For Hill to be effective, he needs to play all out and I would think that would be too dangerous right now.

  • B. Cray Z.

    Hill hit the floor as hard as Louis the previous game.

    Both of them right in front of me. Hill, more than anyone else on the Suns, is the one I would love to see win a ring this year. He will be done soon. Has not yet had that shot since coming to the Suns and for years before, he was hurt.

    This year, if he stays away from injury, the Suns have a very good shot. Hill, and STAT and Nash providing the leadership for our vastly improved young guys. Soon, we will take another step toward that ring. This step will make us VERY hard to beat. It is the return of the Brazilian Blur.

    MUST start and also finish with LB. Let’s go SUNS!!!!