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ESPN aired a film entitled “The Fab Five,” which was a look into the basketball careers of former Sun Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Chris Webber, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson from 1991 to 1993 on Sunday night. Rose, who was the executive producer of the film and a former Suns, has been in the media spotlight after making certain remarks about opposing Duke players such as Suns forward Grant Hill.

Hill, who was a player on the Duke team that beat Michigan in the 1992 Final Four, responded to Rose’s comments in a blog for the New York Times. In the Times piece, he addresses those comments, as well as others by Rose and other members of the “Fab Five.”

Click here to read Hill’s entire response.

Also on Wednesday, King explained in a Wall Street Journal blog that the comments he made in the film were how he felt 20 years ago. King went on to say, “If I saw Grant, I’d definitely shake his hand,” King added. “I’d congratulate him on having a great career, fighting through adversity and reinventing himself despite injuries.”

Check out this Wall Street Journal blog for all of King’s comments.

  • Roseanne Cain

    Mammoth kudos to Grant Hill for his intelligent, enligtening and truthful (yet respectful) answer to The Fab Five. Grant is the epitome of a model hero to follow by ALL colors of young men.

  • Mo Russell

    I sat behind the Fab Five and other players at the Tucson regional that year…They all wore lots of gold bling bling, and were throwing money around like it was them who were the rich! I was shocked! They had big wads of cash! I wonder where that came from….but really we all know where…from the Michigan supporters…ILLEGALLY!! Rose and the others should keep their mouths shut and not point their fingers at anyone else… the gold they were wearing them would be enough to buy a house with today..

  • http://howtogeturexgirlfriendback.weebly.com/ Mike G.

    I read Grant’s statement. Grant Hill is a class act!

  • http://blog.suns.com/2011/03/5289/ Roy Mabe ,Jr.

    Why does someone like Jalen Rose like to stir up trouble?

  • Spencer Gorzalski

    Mr. Hill,

    You continue to be a first class person, and a darn good athlete. I’m proud that you play for my Suns and represent hard work and morality. Kudos to you and you family.

    Thanks, Spencer