“Let’s go!
It’s guy love,
Don’t compromise,
The feeling of some other guy,
Holding up your heart,
Into the sky.”

If you’re a fan of the old sitcom Scrubs — and how couldn’t you be? Its reruns air every hour on cable — you probably recognize those lyrics. They’re from the song “Guy Love” that the two main characters, JD and Turk, sing to each other during a season six episode. It may also be something General Manager Ryan McDonough and newly acquired forward Caron Butler wind up singing to each other at some point this season.

It’s not as outlandish as it sounds (not that it possibly could be). Apparently, McDonough has fancied Butler — well his game — for quite some time and let the veteran know it upon his arrival in the Valley.

“It was rather flattering to find out that the guy had a man crush on me for so many years,” Butler told the media while grinning larger than a kid with an ice cream cone. “Once I found that out I was extremely excited about coming here. He told me he had been following me for years and has high expectations, so I am definitely ready for that challenge.”

The newly minted general manager doesn’t deny his feelings for Butler, but says they may not exactly be mutually exclusive.

“If that’s true, I have a man crush on a lot of good basketball players,” McDonough joked after the press conference.

The former Celtics assistant general manager has been involved in trying to acquire Bulter for many years. While Boston was chasing championships, McDonough felt the UConn product would be a perfect fit for numerous reasons. Many of those reasons are why he now acquired him in Phoenix.

“Caron’s toughness has always stood out,” McDonough explained. “His ability to shoot and score at that size. He’s always been a scorer since I started watching him at UConn, and just the professionalism… I’ve heard great things about him from friends I have who work for the Wizards and Clippers. They all say he’s a pros-pro and a great example for the young guys.”

Like most good relationships, McDonough and Butler’s isn’t built solely on what he does but also who he is.

“It’s who he is as a person, that is important,” McDonough said. “The fact that he lives it. That he works hard and helps the coaches out and the fact that he conducts himself the right way on and off the floor. That’s important when you try to build a culture. I feel he is the perfect role model for our young players.”

If McDonough’s instincts on Butler are right, he won’t be alone in his man crush. The Suns fans will be right there with him.

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    Its JD and Turk

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    let us embrace our new coach and really support him