So my question to you for a weekend discussion is this:  How important is it to win these last three games?  If they win tonight and for some reason can’t move up or down in the rankings after tonight’s game, would you sit the starters and rest them for the playoffs? Would you only play them 20 minutes and then rest them just so they don’t get rusty?  Or would you try to win the games despite not being able to change your seeding?

I’ve always been of the opinion that each game is important.  It seems that if you let yourself go for a game or two and aren’t really trying, it would be hard to get that intensity back for the first – and maybe the second – game of the playoffs.  That could put you in a pretty deep hole with the way the West is stacked this season.

I don’t have any numbers for you today.  But I did want to get some opinions on what you think the team should do for the last three games.

Leave your comments below.  I don’t know that there is any right or wrong answer to this so keep your comments about the questions and hopefully not about the other commenters!

Have a great weekend.  GO SUNS!

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