The crew were insomniacs during the NBA All-Star Weekend as we covered nearly anything and everything going down around town. With so many photos, stories, and videos being cranked out, you may have missed some great stuff. So here’s a quick recap of some of our best links from All-Star ’09…

Is Shaq psychic? - New Orleans Hornet David West tells a spooky story about Shaq predicting the future.

The Search for the real Superman – The man of steel or the flying cape? All-Stars and celebrities weigh in on Shaq vs Dwight Howard.

A Walk With’s Stefan Swiat ran into Nate Robinson before his dunk contest victory and helped him find his way around downtown.

A Spy in the SkyboxDan Hilton found a seat high above the US Airways Center court and gave the scoop on the preparations days before the game tipped off.

Nash of The Round Table – When webmaster Jeramie McPeek saw “Nash CNN Interview” on the schedule he thought it sounded “boring”. It actually turned out to be an incredible moment including the legendary Bill Russell.

Is Jared Dudley psychic too? – Jared Dudley told us that Shaq would win All-Star MVP.

Celebrity ShotsHere’s a gallery of a few of the famous faces we spotted around down during the weekend.

Judging Superman & KryptoNateFive Suns legends judged the Saturday Night Dunk Contest and Josh Greene caught up with them afterwards to get their reactions. [Watch Video]

Getting Their Hands DirtyWatch NBA All-Stars going out into the Phoenix community and be sure to watch for DWade’s impressive entrance during Shaq’s interview.

TNT on –’s Steven J. Koek and Jeramie McPeek got a tour of the TNT set at the NBA Block Party and spoke with EJ, Kenny, and Chris Webber about the Suns.

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