Boris wants fans to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
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Two fans just had a dance-off during on the commercial breaks. One of the poor souls came out in a short pair of khaki shorts and boat shoes and proved to be really out of his element. In fact, he may have gone home without his date tonight.

When it came time for the audience to judge the two contestants, they cheered his opponent and instead of just giving the khaki-dressed contestant a light round of applause, they booed him mercilessly. I guess the cold weather has transferred to the fans.

The halftime show was really interesting too. We might have to tell our Team President, Rick Welts to book this group. These two guys hold this thin beam that has a little give to it and a girl stands in the middle and balances herself on it.

Now that doesn’t sound that cool until you see the two guys propel the girl 50 feet into the air and you watch her do about six sort of flips and twists before landing on the beam like it was nothing. If I didn’t see it myself live, I would have thought it was something out of a video game.

I know the Suns have worked hard on their defense thus far this offseason, but in the first half, they held the Nuggets to 30 percent shooting from the floor. I’d like to think it has to do with their ability to close out on shooters and rotate from the weak side, but I think it had more to do with the wind.

If E=mc2 is the formula for energy, then the formula for tonight’s shooting goes as follows. Shaq’s free throw shooting + wind + chilly weather = bricks. Now I don’t know how exactly those non-tangible elements can form a solid such as a brick, but then again, how can one explain the miracle of condensation. But I digress..

One thing you won’t be able to see on TV is that it is pretty brisk out there. I even saw a lady with a blanket. I have to double-check, but I may be at a Packers game…

It is hard for players to come off the bench and get warm in a climate-controlled arena, just imagine trying to adjust when the breeze is blowing on a desert night. That could explain the Suns shooting a sweltering 39 percent from the floor themselves.

The two players who seems most unaffected by the wind are Steve Nash and Robin Lopez. Nash was 3-of-6 from the floor in the first half to total 11 points, while Lopez was 4-of-7 from the field to add eight points. But what stood out most about Lopez was his four swats and ability to close out the point guard on the pick-and-roll. It is exactly why he was brought to Phoenix, and he’s already doing it in the preseason.

So the game is under way at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, CA. The house is packed for the first outdoor game in the NBA’s modern era, and the festivities have officially begun.

It’s always interesting to be at an event everyone knows heading into it, will be an event. My dad always told me the story of how he heard about a concert of a bunch of bands playing about an hour from him in upstate New York when he was a young guy. Slowly but surely, the concert became more and more hyped up, and that concert of bands developed into a little-known event that people refer to today as Woodstock.

I’m not saying that this game is Woodstock, but that feeling is in the air that something special is going on. I get the feeling people are going to talk about this for years to come around here.
It never occurred to me how big of a deal a game like this could be for someone until I ran into a fan at Tony Roma’s at lunch today. As I was scarfing down some ribs, a fan saw my Suns’ t-shirt and approached me to talk some hoops.

He told me that he was from Yuma and it has been his dream to see a Suns game, but because he lives so far away and because tickets are always sold-out, he’s never had the chance. His father lives in Indian Wells, and when he heard the game was being held here, he dashed over to the box office and bought a ticket.

For someone like him, this is a big deal. He hasn’t seen the Suns dancers, or the Gorilla, or Hairy, or the Adio Sol Patrol or all of the in-game entertainment that makes the Suns such a show. He’s never seen the Suns dancers bringing out an American flag almost the size of the court for the singing of the national anthem. But most of all, he’s never seen a player like a Shaquille O’Neal roam around the paint, grab an offensive rebound and rip down the hoop as he slams it home.

He hasn’t seen Suns guard Steve Nash go coast-to-coast or Grant Hill running the wing and finishing strong at the hoop. But now he has that chance, and he can say he saw the Suns as they played under the stars.

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