Just wanted to check in after what has obviously been a pretty hectic week. After missing the previous few ballgames, I got back into Phoenix this weekend the proud father of twin boys, Isaiah Michael and Carter Kelly Barnes.

I found out the news the night we played in Indiana against the Pacers. It was literally like 15 minutes before game time so me and the other guys had already placed our phones in our lockers and were on the court warming up. Shaquille O’Neal was originally expected to sit out the game so he happened to have his phone on him. He let me know his wife had called him because my wife had called her and said the twins were on their way. I really thought he was joking at first because my fianceé, Gloria, wasn’t expecting for another six weeks. I went back to my locker, checked my phone and saw I had missed like nine calls. After I realized this was serious, I felt concerned because of how far in advance this was all happening. Luckily within 45 minutes I was already on a flight back to California and made it in plenty of time. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I was so glad to be able to be there for something so special.

The babies were born six minutes apart. Isaiah was born first and was a little bit bigger with Carter coming out next. Both were big babies and both had names picked out ahead of time. Gloria had picked out Isaiah and I picked out Carter and we were both happy with each name so that ended up working out.

Everybody is doing well now. There were some concerns with Gloria for a while but everything has ended up fine. Anytime a situation like that happens and you go into labor way ahead of time, there are always going to be concerns. But thankfully Gloria is doing well and both babies were born healthy and were still six-pound babies despite being born so early.

Steve Nash who is a father of twins himself has already offered to help in any way which I think is really cool. It’s definitely nice having somebody who is also going through the experience of fathering twins nearby so I may be asking Steve some parenting questions throughout the course of the season.

It really opens your eyes having people introduced in your world that suddenly mean everything to you. I’m really excited and looking forward to them being out here within the next couple of weeks when they’re able to fly. Fatherhood is great. They’ve been sleeping through the night so I haven’t had a lot of the sleepless, waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-experiences I’ve heard about, but I’m sure they’ll be coming my way soon.

Gloria is doing a great job of handling things back home and I’m looking forward to getting back on the court and seeing my family out here real soon. I got back late Saturday night and spent Sunday getting back on the court to shoot and get my wind back. I’m also excited to report that I’m not the only new father on the team. Raja Bell’s wife, Cindy, gave birth on Sunday to their second child, Tai Brooklyn Bell.

We will both be in the lineup tonight and looking to grab a victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. Thanks for all the support and I’ll check back in with you guys soon.

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