A Basketball term meaning to embarrass someone usually while slamming the ball over them. It refers to the guy who’s being dunked on in basketball posters.

That’s the definition given by Urban Dictionary for the term posterize, but the written definition doesn’t do the act justice. You have to see it play out before your eyes to truly appreciate it. We’ve seen current Suns both be the posterizer, Markieff Morris, and the posterizee, Channing Frye, this season against Blake Griffin – the man who has made the term more popular than Adele is with women.

While highlight shows and the blogosphere would like everyone to believe this generation of high flyers are the Steve Jobs of the act, that doesn’t mean they invented the art form. There are plenty of dunkers who are the Alexander Graham Bell to the new generation’s Jobs, and a few of those have donned the purple and orange.
There have been many great posterizations in Suns history (see: Chambers, Tom and Dan, Thunder) but only one provided the most iconic moment in Suns history.

With the team in Houston to face the Rockets it seems only fitting to discuss the topic of K.J. over Hakeem.
Bring up those three simple words to any Suns fan since the ‘90s, and they will turn into a teenie-bopper talking about which district they root for in Hunger Games. They will provide a play-by-play in which the the 6-foot-1 guard came down the baseline, elevated and in one motion with his right hand made fans sound like Prince Akeem from Coming to America shouting “in the face” to the 7-foot Hakeem Olajuwon.

If you haven’t seen the dunk, please turn in your Suns fan card then proceed to YouTube and replay it about 100 times. To add to the improbability and mythology of the dunk, it happened in a heated playoff series and at home in front of a sellout crowd.

It’s easily the best dunk in franchise history. If you’d like to argue, feel free to do it in the comment section, although you won’t change my mind. The question then becomes, is it the most iconic image and moment in franchise history?

There are only two other moments that could hold a candle to it.
There is the “Shot Heard Round the World,” and Barkely over Robinson in Game 6 of the 1993 Western Conference Semifinals.

Gar Heard’s shot in the 1976 Finals is a great moment, but there isn’t a photo or image that makes it easily identifiable. On the other hand, Barkley over Robinson is a moment immortalized on film, but the biggest identifier of that play is “Sir Charles” spinning a basketball in his hands at the top of the key.

For my money, the most iconic moment in franchise history has to be the K.J. dunk, because, not only is the image unbelievable but so is the stage on which it was accomplished.

As a matter of fact, it’s poster-worthy. Oh, and it happened to come at the expense of a future Hall of Famer, which doesn’t hurt either.

What do you think is the most iconic moment in Suns history?

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