I’ve seen the future.

As a fan inside the organization you get the opportunity to see things, whether you’re supposed to or not, that other fans don’t necessarily get a chance to. You get a look behind the proverbial curtain that you can only dream about as a child. It’s things like seeing inside the locker room and the training room. Getting to know the players and sitting down to have conversations with the legends of the team. Sometimes you even get a chance to help shape the future of the organization in one way or another. I’ve been privileged to get to do all of those things in my brief time working for the team.

Some fans haven’t been happy as of late. I can understand why. You may feel unlistened to or hurt for one reason or another. You’re entitled to your feelings, but I can tell you this, don’t believe everything you read or see. It may not exactly be true.

Yes, that is right, I’ve seen the future and it includes the color purple and I’m not talking about the book or the movie starring Oprah.

I didn’t take a time machine or need any special ESP or even ESPN to get this vision. I’ve been privileged to be a part of the discussions and I can assure you purple is part of the Suns legacy and will be part of its future moving forward. Sure, there may be an emphasis on orange but that doesn’t mean the building once known as the purple palace and the team so eloquently dubbed the “Purple Gang from Phoenix” by Al McCoy has forgotten the importance of the color to the history of the team or its connection with fans.

There are exciting things on the horizon if you’re a Suns fan. As a fan, I’m proud to say I work for this organization and you should be proud to root for it. These things will come both on and off the court and yes, they’ll include that color we all know and love. The future is bright and like the actual Sun, Phoenix will rise. It’ll just happen in the West rather than the East.

About Greg Esposito

Hi, my name is Greg Esposito, my friends call me Espo and I’m a Phoenix Suns-aholic. I also happen to be the team's Social Media Specialist as well as one of the online content creators. You'll find my sarcastic musings here on Blog.Suns.com as the Suns Retorter.

  • Joe

    This is all fine and good, but I still believe the official logos should have looked more like this:

  • Mario Murillo

    LOVE Joe’s ideas for the logo!!!

  • Conrad Burry

    THIS is what the logos should have been. Get that black and grey outta here and go back to the classic Suns colors of purple and orange!

  • http://alexparisi.com/ Alex Parisi

    Very nice!

  • http://alexparisi.com/ Alex Parisi

    WOW! I can’t believe how good those 2 main logos look. The “P” is clever but unnecessary (like the current “S”).

  • Island In The Sky

    Greg – so you’ve seen the new player uniforms? Will there be only one road / one home set? Will there be new alternate road uniforms (other than the sleeved variety)? Important questions! Please tell us!

  • djg2

    Conrad – I’ve been sharing your concepts around the web since I first saw them, including in an email to the Suns. Great work – I think your “main” logo is absolutely perfect, the bird logo is great (no gray!), but I could do without either “alternate”- the P or the S. In fact, the alternate should just be the streaking sunburst by itself. The beveling is the superfluos, black is not the Suns, and the gray has always been garbage. Here’s hoping they get the uniforms right!

  • BradK

    As a lifelong Suns fan, I understand that the franchise is

  • Walt Coogan

    Yup … exactly, Joe. Add a black rim or frame, fine, but don’t remove purple, the background for the sun.

  • Walt Coogan

    Damn, good stuff, man.

  • Dirka Dirka

    The defensiveness about the purple screams that Coro was right and the Suns relented out of public reaction.

  • Greg Esposito

    To anyone who still thinks purple was ever going away. You’re 100% wrong. Has always been in the design. Not a reaction to feedback. #IKnow

  • Dirka Dirka

    ^* on the Suns payroll. Of course you’d say that, even if it wasn’t true. No one would blame you for backing your employer.

    Can you concede there’s substantially less emphasis on purple in the new look?

  • Greg Esposito

    I respect your opinion but I only write what I truly believe in. Don’t compromise my integrity based on who signs the checks. Orange is a main color but purple is still just as important.

  • Joe

    Why isn’t it featured at all in 3 of the 4 new logos (though I’m fine with the “SUNS” wordmark logo)? It’s as if the team went out of their way not to include purple in the other logos (especially the “S” and the main sunburst/wordmark logo). As you know, I’m really hoping for a change, most fans are too.

    Notice how everyone loves the simple edits I’ve posted? A little purple goes a long way.

  • Greg Esposito

    There has always been a variation of the S with purple involved.

  • Joe

    We’re getting warmer…… ;-)

  • BradK

    I am really disappointed that this blog failed to post my comment. It was not derogatory, nor did it use any foul language. Perhaps it was a bit long, but that is just because I am a passionate Suns fan and put some real thought into it. Just because my comments didn’t say positive things about the new logo designs, does that mean they are not allowed on this blog? Its just a bummer thats all, why allow comments to be posted when all you are looking for is blind positive reinforcements and not thoughtful discussion provoking commentary.

  • J.D. Francis

    Greg, you can’t shove black and orange in our faces and tell us it’s purple. You come across as a tool.

  • Dirka Dirka

    Really? Point me towards something you’ve done that isn’t a glowing endorsement of your employer.

    (I’m not judging, by the way. It makes sense.) But nobody’s buying the team-blogger-with-autonomy routine. Don’t insult the audience.

    Bottom line is the team put up two posts and both headlines had something to do with reaffirming purple. That’s no accident.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Ouch! I think it’s safe to say the Phoenix Suns organization is now aware that their fans are neither stupid nor blind. We see exactly what’s going on. Yay, purple website background, purple alternate uniform and purple seats. So what? The home court’s floor design doesn’t have purple, the primary logos don’t have purple, the majority of new merchandise doesn’t have purple and I sure didn’t see any purple on-stage last night at the draft. Sarver’s agenda is to slowly phase out purple. Right now it’s a mere afterthought and accent color when it should be a primary focal point. Such a shame since this team had one of the most unique and nice to look at color schemes in all of sports.

  • Joe

    Glad everyone likes my idea over what the team has shown. Adding purple is a no-brainer and should have been done in the first place. How many fans would have preferred the logos to look like this when the team officially unveiled them? I’m guessing somewhere near 99%.