What’s going on world please tell me you all watched that Steelers game! Unfortunately I was on a plane but it’s all good, we got Saginaw in the Super bowl. I am extremely excited and happy for Lamar and the Woodley family. I don’t want to say too much they are playing against Arizona and I do live here LOL. Arizona also deserves a Congratulation on their division title. I know what its like to turn around a losing organization, so I think that it’s going to be a good game. We’re going to have to talk about the scheduling next year, it seems like were playing during every game. Last year was cool we played the Suns the same weekend as the Super bowl. Man!! That was one of the most hype crowds that I’ve ever seen. If I ever got another chance to I would definitely do it again. Hopefully Wood and I both will be bringing home rings.

I always wished I would have gone to the Yankee stadium before it closed down. There’s a lot of baseball history in that building and I would have liked to have visited. Someone asked the question, who do I like to really play against? I’ll play ANYONE, but up tempo teams I love, like a Dallas, Chicago, LA, and even Phoenix before I came. I love a good challenge!! You also asked, who do I like playing against personally? Honestly I like playing against players I came up with. I’ve been playing against talented players like Charlie Bell, Keith Bogans, Z-Bo, Morris Peterson and many others since AAU, High School and College. We all worked hard to get here, and to be on the big stage together truly is a blessing!! Also I love to bring it to the new rookies on the team and give them a clinic. There heads sometime gets a little big and I just like to show them how to work to maintain a job in this league.

As far as the Suns Show, I don’t want to speak too much for the Denver game because I might get fined LOL. For some reason teams have been just letting their defenders guard Shaq one on one HUH! I don’t get it because our big man still got it. On top of that he’s shooting free throws as well as Guards. That game had a playoff atmosphere; we played hard just not enough to sustain a lead at the end. Toronto was our fault; we should have lost the way we got relaxed at the end. We are going to have to maintain our energy for 48 minutes or we’ll be out in the first round. As far as All-Star weekend, I would love to be a judge of the dunk contest or I would love to be the first one to win the 3 point and the dunk contest. Someone also said that I don’t dunk anymore! What games have you been watching? I try to give you what you ask for; you know if I get open I like to excite the crowd. We’ll see what happens in the games to come talk to you later. Stay tuned to the Suns Show.                        

J-Rich 23

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