In what turned out to be a lot more than 140 characters, Suns forward Jared Dudley told Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick all about his fascination with Twitter.

There are few currently on the Suns who rival Dudley’s proficiency on the social media outlet. It has become a vehicle for him to show fans everywhere a sneak peek into his personality.

He is perhaps best known for his behind-the-scenes look at the Suns, JMZ, but in this piece for, the swingman reveals a little bit more about why he chose the medium, what makes it enjoyable and what makes it otherwise.

For as much fun as he may have had doing the video series, or just joking around with his followers, it is also clear that Dudley has also not taken to Twitter lightly.

“…I’m someone who’s educated – went to Boston College, got my degree – so when I say something, I’m not doing it without thinking, or without doing research,” Dudley told “My voice is going to be heard. I’m not going to say anything outrageous, but I’m going to say something strong where I don’t agree and I’ll state the facts of what I don’t agree about.”

Still, he makes time for the lighthearted, fun stuff that can be found around the Twitterverse.

For example, Dudley said that he has made sure to follow the likes of Kim Kardashian, has become friends with Arizona Cardinals star receiver Larry Fitzgerald through the medium and stated that his wish is for Dennis Rodman to have been on Twitter during the prime of his playing career.

He also said that he checks Twitter on an “hourly” basis, so be sure to give @JaredDudley619 a follow, and while you’re at it be sure to follow @Suns, too.

What’s your favorite part about following Jared or the Suns on Twitter?

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