Nash has been impressed with Rose in the playoffs. (Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images)

For those of you going through Steve-Nash withdrawal, you’re in luck. The two-time MVP is making a run at Shaq for being the “Big Digital Communicator.”

If you want to track down the elusive point guard, you can find him on Twitter under his the_real_nash profile. Besides plugging today (thanks Steve!), the six-time All-Star tweets about doing lunch with Carlos Santana, playing tennis against his father and posts that he’s putting on his Facebook page.

One of his latest tweets talks about keeping a positive mind-set.

“Ran into a psychologist who works with artists,” he tweeted. “He said b careful with ur self talk. ‘Maybe’ almost always leads to ‘no’!”

Besides tweeting away, the 6-3 playmaker has been a busy bee on his Facebook page recently too. Nash has been providing fans with constant updates that include his views on the first round of the playoffs as well as insightful health tips. In his playoff analysis, he praised the play of the Bulls’ Derrick Rose, pontificated about Kevin Garnett’s absence from the bench and lauded the shooting of the Spurs’ Tony Parker.

In addition to basketball chatter, Nash goes into detail about his diet and his living habits. He talks about how he reformed his eating habits in college and has made improvements every year in what he puts into his body. Nash avoids sweets, processed foods and complex carbohydrates.

The former Santa Clara Bronco also tells the story of how he went to his wife’s naturopath to learn what his food sensitivities are and how he has incorporated what he learned from that visit into his diet. In one of his more recent posts, Nash goes into detail about the benefits of drinking green tea.

So if you are in need of a little dose of Steve Nash, check out his twitter and Facebook profiles now! You can even ask him questions and he’ll answer a couple fan questions every Friday on Facebook!

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